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  1. mycarhasposessedme

    Need Help 1UZ TT not running smooth

    Hi Jessy, There is nothing blocking that port off. If you stick your finger through the hole you can see it by looking into where the throttle body bolts on. You will need to seal it off really well as it sees both boost & vac. On my engine I welded in a bung & tapped it for the intake air...
  2. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    I am using hubcentric wheel adapters. The spindle is a 50mm drop crs item. Hubs are also crs commodore stud pattern. As you would know the offset is still wrong to be able to use commodore pattern wheels unless you have some made with a custom off set. Below is my crude drawing of what I had...
  3. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    Sure, Brakes are Porsche 996 GT3 Monoblock Brembo's on 355mm rotors, Wheels are Black Racing 17X9 Nissan Stud Pattern.
  4. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    A quick one, whilst on a short stay in hiding at one of my customers places.
  5. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    Hey John, Man its gonna take me some time to catch up on all you guys have been doing. Personally i've been going through a very messy divorce. Five years in the making. Which included having to break into my own house/workshop & steal my own car (this one) back from my ex & her ratbag...
  6. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    I dont think he'll ever finish it. especially after all these years.:wink:
  7. mycarhasposessedme

    R154 Selector Problems

    I suspect your first gear thrust washer has gone. When this happens it allows the main shaft to slide slightly forward or back (cant remember which) and mucks up gear selection. Personally I would remove and disassemble it. If this is what has happened there will be fragments washing around in...
  8. mycarhasposessedme

    Twin turbo UZ ST185

    Sh1t, now thats just showing off Justin.:) Incredable.
  9. mycarhasposessedme

    2UZFE Billet Drag Racing Block

    Incredable. Cant wait to see one race.
  10. mycarhasposessedme

    Had the V8 e30 on the track! Action ooooo year

    Great stuff. What a blast. Cheers
  11. mycarhasposessedme

    Heads up: Cheap differential pressure sensor

    I think they are members of some weird cult like Techy car group Lex. Probably even have a secret handshake.:)
  12. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I still have alot more measuring to do, but it seems the position of the chasis rails are going to be my biggest limiting factor with regard to the type of irs I can use. Basically it seems that they will foul on the upper control arms of a double wishbone setup...
  13. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    I have decided to ditch the 4link 9inch idea for this project and move to an irs rear. Pretty much sold off all the 9inch stuff that I had accumulated and am now searching for a suitable donor irs to mod. Measure, think, measure, ponder, measure again, you get the idea. cheers.
  14. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    Always up for a chalenge, it seems alot of the regulars here are too. I hear one crazy guy has even squeezed a TT1UZ into a GT4.:omfg: Cheers
  15. mycarhasposessedme

    Twin M45 charged 1uzfe project taking shape

    Cheers Striker, very good work. I like the way you think and do things. We are very similar in that way. I recently purchased a Tig welder for Alloy as I was not happy with the work that I paid for. I purchased scrap alloy for practice and 2 bottles of gas later I am Tigging well enough to weld...
  16. mycarhasposessedme

    Project Thread Supercharged Supra

    Awesome. Its alive. Tough luck on the injectors. Sounds like you've got it sorted now though. Can't wait for the next run. Cheers.
  17. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    Hi John, gave up years ago setting an on the road date. No hurry here, slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes I think i should be making wine instead of building a car. Hi Justin, secret to building a quick Holden is no Holden parts.
  18. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    Bit of an update on the front suspension. Pretty much sorted now. One small piece to make for the front sway bar to chasis mounts and all done.
  19. mycarhasposessedme

    Project Thread Supercharged Supra

    Damn, sounds like you had an uninvited guest there also (the infamous Mr Murphy). Hope all goes well today. Cheers Trev.
  20. mycarhasposessedme

    18" Minilites

    I dunno, I think the square corners will be a problem.:smashfreakB: