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  1. cribbj

    Mercury Marine DOHC 7.0 Litre w/Chebbie Block

    Here's one that both JBrady and I can like: Looks like a really sweet motor, and it's making 110 HP/Liter
  2. cribbj

    Lexus V8 vs Ferrari V8

    I've been compiling some comparisons between the two engine designs and families, and the similarities are striking. First, some fundamental differences: Ferrari V8's have a flat plane crank with that configuration's firing order (2 x 4 cylinders), Lexus have a cross plane with a chebbie firing...
  3. cribbj

    Anyone in the Tampa Area Heading West Soon?

    I'm wanting to purchase a hood for my son's Supra, but the seller won't ship. If anyone in the Tampa FL area might be heading west in a pickup truck in the next month or so, I'd be happy to pay for a tank of gas if you'd be willing to bring this hood within a 50 mile radius of Houston.
  4. cribbj

    That's Acceleration !!!

    This is an oldie but a goodie. I don't know how true it all is, but the statistics are fascinating, and I know that the launch of a Top Fuel dragster is one of the most awe inspiring events I've ever witnessed. It's definitely comparable to, and possibly even surpasses an F14 at full power being...
  5. cribbj

    P/N for Toyota 36-2 Crank Trigger Wheel?

    Anyone have the Toyota or Lexus part number for these? The older (non-VVTi) engines use a 12 tooth wheel, but the VVTi motors use the 36-2, and I may be interested in using one on the next build. I received conflicting P/N info on these from my local Toyota/Lexus dealers, so thought someone...
  6. cribbj

    Link G4 Xtreme?

    I'm becoming interested in these; anyone running one on a UZ? How do you like it? Tune it yourself or did you hire a tuner? I'm trying to make sense of their specs, which are more marketing propaganda than engineering specs, (as most standalones do) but looking past that, it seems to be a...
  7. cribbj

    Race Engine Technology Mag

    I subscribe to this glossy and very interesting technical periodical, published from the UK 8 times per year. Here's their website: Each issue looks at new developments in race engines, and there are several special issues per...
  8. cribbj

    Cool new tool!

    Just picked up one of the coolest little new tools and wanted to share: It's a Craftsman battery powered inflator. Now before you say it's just a hokey gimmick, I initially felt the same way about these and that's why I haven't bought one. But then until very recently, I also felt the...
  9. cribbj

    So What's the Difference Between a Bolt & a Screw?

    Well, I finally found a concise answer to this burning question that comes up every now & again and keeps us all awake at night: From ASME standard B18.2.1 (1996): "A bolt is designed to be inserted through a hole and secured with a nut, while a screw is designed to be used in a threaded...
  10. cribbj

    The new Lexus LF-GH

    Just when I thought Lexus couldn't possibly make their cars any uglier.......they did! When are they going to get a clue? Is it just me, or would you not even want to be seen in...
  11. cribbj

    Mototron IGN-1A Coils F/S

    I have 6 Mototron IGN-1A coils for sale. I purchased a case lot of 18 because I needed 12 for my BMW V12 project, and the per coil price for 18 was much more attractive than the per coil price for 12. I'm now simply trying to reduce my stake in the 12 I need by selling the 6 that are surplus...
  12. cribbj

    DIY Smoke Machine for Leak Testing?

    Anyone tried to make your own smoke machine for leak testing? I think it would be a real handy accessory to have for leak testing intercooler piping, etc. Commercial smoke machines go for around $900, so it's way too much to purchase for limited use. Plenty of DIY material out there on the...
  13. cribbj

    Head Sealing & O-Ringing

    A number of us who have run > 20psi of boost through our motors have had issues with head sealing, even with upgraded head studs, Cometic MLS, etc. On the last teardown, my #1 motor still showed evidence of coolant leakage into one of the cylinders, even with 12mm ARP head studs and the Cometic...
  14. cribbj

    New V12 Daily Driver (Ferrari 550 Maranello)

    David I did briefly think about a GS400 or something similar, but I found a 10 year old beater that was in pretty good shape and very low mileage. Here's a few pics of it: The finish still shines pretty good: Only 13,3xx miles for a 10 year old car: Real clean interior...
  15. cribbj

    Race Engine Technology: Inside the Toyota F1 V8

    Race Engine Technology are doing a 16 page technical expose of the Toyota 2.4l Formula 1 V8 in their September/October issue. Ought to be yummy...... can't wait for it to hit my mailbox. Even if you don't subscribe, this will be an issue to buy, as it promises to be a blockbuster, especially...
  16. cribbj

    VVTi Intake Manifold Q?

    Who can tell me if the VVTi intake manifolds are symmetrical like the old ones? In other words can you turn them 180 degrees, so front faces rear & vice versa? Justen, you have a VVTi motor don't you?
  17. cribbj

    7.2 Earthquake @ Christchurch NZ?

    Hope our Kiwi members are OK?
  18. cribbj

    The Widowmaker

    Catchy title, eh? I've advised a few friends about a bullet that I dodged last week, and decided to go ahead and share it here as well, in the hope that it'll help someone else. Last Wednesday I was sitting in my home office (probably reading posts in this forum) and for no reason at all, I...
  19. cribbj

    Heads Up: NICE CCW wheels on SF

    Very nice set of CCW wheels F/S on SF, in fact IMO these are the nicest style that CCW make: If I didn't already have a really nice set of HRE's on my Supra, I'd be all over these. Nothing to do with me, but just FYI.
  20. cribbj

    Chaparral Race Car Museum

    Wifey & I just finished a 10 day 3000 mile roadtrip out to the Grand Canyon, which was just spectacular. On the way back we stopped by Midland, TX where the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is located. Part of the museum is the Chaparral racecar exhibit, and I thought most of you would enjoy...