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    LS400 accidental 24 volts

    Would have to agree with @ivan129 step at a time to finding whats causing the short... my thought would be a ground was shorted therefore blowing the fuse... would have my relays checked as well.....
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    Project Thread First Build - 1993 SC4 1UZ

    [/MEDIA] Awesome, thank you
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    Project Thread First Build - 1993 SC4 1UZ

    Which ECU would you recommend? I may walk down this path if my ECU was to go too..
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    Any experience with 1uzfe non VVT manifold ?

    I've been pondering this myself... Just bumped into some info about supercharging and has attracted my attention, was also lookin at the elate stuff and am planning an M90 vs M112 for now.
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    2005 Lexus rx330 starters good,neutral saftey good now what?

    You could try jumping your car via the relay. Understanding testing your starter is that you pulled it out of the engine bay and taking it to a shop to get tested, then you're good. If you feel you could do it, I will have to say I take no responsibility for you trying this and damaging your...
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    Lextremers in Socal Sign In

    Damn..... I lived in the Imperial Valley a decade ago... missed the chance..
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    1Uzfe getting hot only at idle

    Sounds like a clutch fan type of issue. My Tundra had a similar situation at the border in Mexicali going back to the U.S. and it was like 110 degrees.. I was sitting for 10 to 15 minutes in 1 spot at a time with the AC on at 3/4 way full blast... I noticed my temperature gauge started moving...
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    Fuel pump won't work - but works when 12V applied from battery.

    Have you bypassed the fuel ECU in the back seat? I jumped mine and would work fine but then stalls and hard starts returned so I replaced fuel relays and reconnected the fuel ECU, its been a week on this trial and error so far so good. Side note, don't drive with the jump, I did and the jump...
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    1uz starts and dies :/

    Maybe start a new post? explaining a bit more. what car is it? is your car swapped? or is it non swapped. Would make it easier to help you.
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    Newbie advice

    Depends.. stealership everything is individual parts, like $100 more or less... Felpro aftermarket ones do come in packages with both sides, fuel and spark plugs seals, probably about $50. Edit: forgot rear cam seals is basically a portion of the valve cover gasket, just make sure they're...
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    Newbie advice

    That could be a collapsed valve cover gasket, should probably do both sides at the same time. Clean it up and inspect at a later date and time and see if it has been resolved. Best way to verify.
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    71 Degree C / 160F Thermostat for 1UZFE

    Here is the part # PTR04-00008 I found one on a 240z page, not sure how current it is, but it's a start... it may come back eventually as some parts are back in production...
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    SC400 turn over no start.

    Guess I'll have to purchase a new ECM... since the resistors aren't available until at least 6 months from now.. ooor research for a standalone..
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    Performance Torque Converter

    I may be interested in one of these... within the next month or so..
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    SC400 turn over no start.

    Well, it happened again today. Got some gas, but left the key in the ignition this time in accessory. Done fueling and went to turn it on, nothing. For context, I filled 15 gallons so it wasn't empty. So long crank no start. Popped the hood, pulled the negative terminal for about 1 minute...
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    SC400 turn over no start.

    Car has been running fine. Gave it a day break and have been running quick errands, has shown no issues. Starts fine hot and cold, has normal idle. I'm starting to suspect an ECM/ ECU issue.. will send it to get it inspected next month and repaired as necessary.
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    Toyota Sequoia 2UZ-FE Engine Swap

    I would suggest, look up the workshop book and see what needs to change, as the pins may be different, odds are you may be lucky and stuff might line up, but you will need to do work yourself to get everything right, if you have someone else do it, then, you may want to look at @George_R's...
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    SC400 turn over no start.

    Yes, but I've had consistent low idles without ECU resets..
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    SC400 turn over no start.

    Hello All, I have a 93 SC400 pristine condition and 132k on the clock, dealer maintained with records. Ok I've been trying to work on some issues. for example a bouncy idle or surge idle. An extremely low idle at initial cold start and as well as hot start. I started my journey by bypassing...