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  1. mycarhasposessedme

    Anyone here from minneapolis

    Just saw the bridge collaple on TV, Thats some scary sh1t. They mentioned there was maintenance being carried out on it, was this the cause of the collapse?
  2. mycarhasposessedme

    Damn I'm flooded in.

    We've been having torential rain and strong winds here for a few days now. Electricity has been off for 2 days and were flooded in. I live on the lake front here on the central coast in Aus, but unfortunately the lake is now coming into my house. I'm probably a bit luckier than most around here...
  3. mycarhasposessedme

    Electric Drag cars

    Wow, I was amazed at how fast some of these things are. One of them does an 8.8. Imagine that with no noise. Here's a link Cheers
  4. mycarhasposessedme

    TT Torana in Aus 6.75 @ 210mph, sorry, not Lexus powered. But still cool.

    Nice Vid of The MRMAD Twin Turbo small block Torana here in Aus. Be pretty hairy carrying the front wheels to half track. 440 cube Brodix block and heads, EFI twin turbo, Motec and air shifted Lenco. Around 2,500 ponies. Check it out, well worth the download. Right click save target as. 11mb...
  5. mycarhasposessedme

    TT1UZ to HQ-HZ

    This is my project Where do I start, ok here goes All this is going into a 1979 HZ Holden One Ton Cab Chassis So far I have been building it for about 8 years. Specs are. 1uzfe Twin turbo using Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Turbos with 3inch mandrel bent dumps and separate waste gate pipes Custom...
  6. mycarhasposessedme

    M&W Ignitions Sydney Aust AAAA++++

    Great guys, great service. I recently purchased an M&W Pro 14 CDI box from a member of another forum I frequent. The box is new and was never installed, it was left over when a race car project fell through. However the owner had lost the connecter terminal set. I contacted M&W via email to...
  7. mycarhasposessedme

    Relocating The Standard Throttle Body

    Hi all, I have decided to move my throttle body to a more suitable position on my project. The primary motivation for this, is to reduce the piping length from the intercooler to the throttle body and keep the piping away from the right hand turbo exhaust outlet. By moving to the position...
  8. mycarhasposessedme

    My brake hardware

    Thread removed for compilation
  9. mycarhasposessedme

    How much flow needed thru cats

    Hi guys, I have an opportunity to get in on a group buy of a metal substrate cat for my project. It has a 4inch body and necks down to 3 1/2 at each end. My engine is setup as a twin turbo, designed to make 600hp. I have 3inch down pipes from the rear of the turbo's. I intend on running a...
  10. mycarhasposessedme

    Fuel Line check valve

    Hi guys, Installing my fuel system at the moment. Can I get some opinions on whether or not to install a check valve between the fuel pump and the rail feeds. As I'm sure you all know, if installed this will keep pressure in the rails after engine shut down by stopping bleed back through the...
  11. mycarhasposessedme

    Rod Hadfields Final Objective On Ebay

    Rod Hadfields "Final Objective" On Ebay Check it out.
  12. mycarhasposessedme

    Picture of Lextreme

    Just sitting here browsing the latest posts and thought geez, I have no idea what lextreme looks like. So how about it Lex, post a pic of yourself and the ls400 together. Maybe if you do we can prod a few of the more active members to do the same. Cheers tRev
  13. mycarhasposessedme

    SC-400 Soarer Steering Rack

    Hi, Possibly someone out there could help me out with a favour. I need to know the overall length of an SC-400/Soarer Steering rack and also the length of the main body/ mounting points. Thanks any help greatly appreciated. Trev
  14. mycarhasposessedme

    Steam pipe Turbo manifolds

    Hi folks, Just after some opinions on my turbo manifolds I'm making for myself at home. They are constructed from thick wall mild steel steam pipe, I have just tacked them together for now until I can fit the engine into my project, its in my spare chasis at the moment and I was using...
  15. mycarhasposessedme

    Q.C.A aaaa+++++

    Hi just thought I'd let everyone know what great service I have had from QCA.(he is on this forum) I have had quite a few dealings with Pete now and have always found him to be extremly helpful. All items I have purchased have been well packaged and dispatched quickly. I cannot recommend him...
  16. mycarhasposessedme


    Hi Guys, Today my Garage at home was broken into and my Rebuilt R154 was stolen, I live on the NSW central coast. Just finished rebuilding it with parts I imported from the USA and Japan. It had a CRS Bellhousing bolted to it to fit behind a 1uzfe. I'm devastated. Please If anyone hears...