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    Carby setup for 1UZ for sale on ebay Probably solve a lot of ECU issues I am thinking.
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    Help posting a small item from US to Aus?

    Hi guys, looking to buy an 80mm exhaust flapper valve from the US (NY, I think) The guy wont post overseas because he is worried about scammers. Im in Aus, and just want the thing (its used, but a good price) Was wondering if anyone would be okay to do the in-between thing for me. Of course I...
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    Just installed 315cc injectors, stock ECU, now not running right

    Underpowered, rough as at idle, and wont accelerate, may also have a knock.. All brand new injectors, all plug and play. I just remembered that I did not disconnect the battery when I did the installation, but I dont think that would necessarily make it idle funny, perhaps I should...
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    Best ECU for me? (turbo 1uz, factory auto)

    Was thinking of going stand alone, but I have a few issues, running standard ECU atm, and factory auto box, also want to delete AFM and run turbo at 10psi. I have the factory digital dash, but may look to delete that and go hand controller entirely, if it can show me all the different sensors...
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    Running Ethanol in your 1UZ? Turbo 1UZ on Ethanol?

    Anyone running Ethanol in their 1UZ? Anyone running a turbo 1UZ on Ethanol? It seems to have a higher Octane rating, and also has cooling properties in the engine, with the only apparent downside being a little bit higher pressure in the cylinder? From this article...
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    1UZ, A340 Auto tech, bigger sump, extended breather etc.

    So I had to pull my gearbox as the front (TC) seal was leaking. I thought while it was out I would make some inroads into modding it. I have it in a 4x4, so up the beach it would be working much harder, temperatures would be much higher, and internals would be under more stress. I already have...
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    Worst crud build-up in 1UZ ever?

    Is it as bad as you have seen? I am absolutely shocked. I knew when I had a rocker cover off last year that it was not looking good. (I have put about 400kms on it since) But three oil changes and a caustic treatment. Then I was doing the rear main last weekend, and thought, after my multiple...
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    Rear Main Seal

    Well, im going to be doing the front torque convertor seal. So while I was in there I was wondering if I should do the rear main? My engine has quite high k's. Is it a known problem on these motors? Or best to leave it alone? Would you change it?
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    1UZ auto leaks from bellhousing?

    Front torque convertor/pump seal.... Or something more sinister?? Any ideas? Just dripping out of the bellhousing pretty badly, was a tiny weep, then after a bit of a caning, it got a lot worse.
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    Using a 1JZ box behind 1UZ?

    Is it possible? The casting looks the same, the !J has a better output yoke and a lower first gear? Have heard that MV Autos in SA use a 1JZ first gear in 1UZ box to get quicker launch, Does the Surf auto box have a lower first gear again does anybody know?
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    Larger sump and extended breather on 1uz auto

    Hey guys, in the process of bolting on a bigger 1UZ sump and longer breathers to my 1UZ powered 4x4. Will get some measurements and pics and post up later on in January.
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    390cc injectors (Eclipse/Lancer/Pajero?)

    The bible mentions some Eclipse non-turbo injectors as being around 390cc and being perfect for the HP that I am shooting for: What I want to know is is an Eclipse just a Lancer, so grab some 1.8L non-turbo Lancer injectors and I am good to go? Or...
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    Brisbane event

    Any Brisbane stuff?
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    1UZ Coffee Table (Zuffen)

    So I saw all you Rover guys doing it and thought I'm going to build a Jap one. It's a fair bit harder than the Rover ones, what with the 90deg 'V' but it didn't take much to solve. Just gotta decide on polishing or just silver powder coating....
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    High idle 1500RPM, only when in park.

    I have changed my intake from the standard 1UZ and run it out and around behind the intake manifold. This meant I needed a much longer 3-4 times longer pipe for the IACV. After having a few issues since then, I was told the pipe feeding the IACV needs to be a fixed length?? Could this be...
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    Soarer and 1uz parts for sale:

    Here is the stuff: Engine died, so stripped it out and made the block into a coffee table, crank, cams, heads for sale CHEAP Some other internals and switches, some wiring, and loom parts available. Gearbox was driving fine but have removed rear housing, to take speed sensor and...
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    Wanted Power steer pump with reservoir

    As stated chasing a power steer pump with fixed reservoir (crown/celsior) style. Have the soarer style with remote mounted reservoir, and wanna tidy the engine bay up.
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    Hooking up digital dash in another vehicle

    Hi all, Have hooked up digital dash in my soarer powered car and am having problems with the fuel guage, there is a 3 wire guage (+ 2 wires for fuel pump) Was either going to get a stock fuel sender and put that in my tank, or try and buy the right resistor and get it to work properly...
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    Want to swap remote mount PS reservoir and pump

    Hi all, in Brisbane and want to swap my remote mounted reservoir and PS pump, for one of the pumps with reservoir fixed to the top of it. Just because my PS hose route looks untidy. cheers
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    Gearbox squealing, won't get gears

    Hi All, I just started and ran my engine and it seems to run fine, the guy I got it off said it hadn't run in a couple of years possibly. Now for the problem: There is a horrible squealing from the torque converter or front of the gearbox area. I double checked the bolts that hold the...