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  1. Peewee

    JDM Soarer (UZZ30/UZZ31) ECU

    As title. Needs to be JDM (cannot be USDM unfortunately). Thanks
  2. Peewee

    UZS131/LS400 Fan Idler bracket and pulley

    As per title. Looks like this. The Soarer and the Celsior and later model Crown's came with hydraulic fan pumps, so not useable. Can buy the bracket from the US, but not the pulley. Hoping to get the whole thing in Aust, but will go OS if needed.
  3. Peewee

    Tuned Delco ECU for 1UZ-FE

    Up for sale is the tuned ECU from Petes old 1UZ MA70 Supra. Pulled 150rwkw a few years back, and held the title for Toymods most powered NA RWD for quite some time. Loom has been rebuilt and the 'birds nest' removed (for those who remember it). Comes with ECU including chip tuned by...
  4. Peewee


    Looking for an early ISCV. I think I have a late model ISCV on my motor (3/4" inlet, can't be removed from housing/bracket), and I'm not sure if the ecu can control it properly (I'm having idling issues). LMK. Or alternatively if someone could test an early ISCV like this...
  5. Peewee

    FOUND - 1UZ loom/ecu [AUST]

    I'm after a UZS131 Crown wiring harness/ecu/afm/ignitors. Would probably consider buying a complete front cut if thats all there is. Thanks
  6. Peewee

    Eaton M112 Supercharger - AUST

    Eaton M112 Supercharger From a 2003 Ford SVT Cobra Comes with a 2.75" Motoblue undersized quickchange pulley, and twin 65mm BBK throttle bodies. Also comes with a standard Ford ISCV and TPS (although the TPS is backward, but the plug is useful. Nice and clean inside an out. Previous...
  7. Peewee

    FOUND - Soarer/SC400 dipstick

    As per title. I have everything else, just missing the dipstick...
  8. Peewee

    Water/Meth injection setups

    Are there any setups out there that are setup like a fuel system? ie, pump runs constantly and a solenoid opens/closes to regulator flow into air stream, unused solution just recirculated back into tank. In other words, should I be worried about systems that only turn the pump on when they...
  9. Peewee

    AUST - Late model W58

    As title. Can be from MA70, GA70, JZA80 etc.
  10. Peewee

    Soarer/SC400/UZZ30 Oil filter adaptor

    As per title, the one that goes forward on the block. Ta.
  11. Peewee

    Aust - Rear sump setup

    Basically I have a dead motor in a car that has a rear sump on it, and a good motor to go into the car that has no sump on it, and I want to put a sump on it to make the swap go quicker. Can return sump thats currently in car, or can buy outright. Let me know
  12. Peewee

    Celsior Aircon Compresor, p/s pump, alternator - Aust

    Preferably in Perth, but who knows. Aircon needs to be Celsior though.
  13. Peewee

    1UZFE complete loom/ecu/afm/ignitors (no motor)

    Complete loom, from UZZ30 I believe (could have been a UZZ31, not sure, def Soarer though). AFM, Ignitors, ECU, injectors (soarer injectors are 250cc, not 220cc), even got the fusebox. I also have the hydro fan controller. Asking $500 ono.
  14. Peewee

    1990-94 cams vs 1995-97 cams

    Any one know the exact specs of the cams on the two gens? Here is what JBrady said a while back Any one have anything definate? I just have the option of buying a 95-97 motor (ex UFC20 I'd say, *** LS400) and seeing if its really worth it to replace the current 1991 motor in there.
  15. Peewee

    New exhaust

    Just thought I'd show off my new exhaust on here too. Custom extractors (modded off my Cressida to fit new car), twin 2.5" into single 3", back into twin 2.25" and into twin MagnaFlow mufflers (2.25" inlet and 2 3.5" tips per pair). All mandrel. Car is not wired atm, so won't be...
  16. Peewee

    AC Compressor, which hose goes which way?

    Not sure if this is the right section, not sure if it fits in any section at all? Anyhoo. I don't have a pic of the top of an LS400 compressor, only the Crown one. But which one goes which way?
  17. Peewee

    Fan Computer Wiring Diagram

    Does anyone have a diagram of how the Fan ECU is wired? I went to do it last night, but there is 9 wires, and only some correspond in colours. Cheers.
  18. Peewee

    UZZ3x Tranny

    Can someone tell me what tranny the Soarer has? (A340E right?) Even better, a pic/description of the ID plate. This is my UZS131 tranny.
  19. Peewee

    UZZ31 Tranny code 46

    Ok, my O/D light is telling me 46 (4 flashes, 2 sec gap, 6 flashes, 4 sec gap) I cannot find ANYWHERE what this code is. Anyone got any ideas? CEL is flashing normally.
  20. Peewee

    Soarer Fuel Pump ECU's

    Anyone wired up a Soarer loom without this ECU? I'm not sure what it looks like but it appears to have 5 pins, so could be anywhere. Anyone know how they work?