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    project LEXPLAY

    Hi guys, i really should have made a thread a long time ago but i spend more time in the shed than on the computer. here is the list of mods so far 91 SC400 LEXPLAY votech v2 s-trim intercooled, trust BOV rush extractors, twin 3 inch stainles mandrel system R154 manual, ceramic HD clutch Torsen...
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    A thread for Questions that do not deserve their own thread.

    i hate starting new threads just to ask simple little questions so find these threads very handy. ill kick it off, im currently doing all the intercooler pipe work on my sc400 and was wondering what the two breather lines coming out of my power steering pump and going into the intake are for...
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    Wanted; ls400 fan bracket pulley only

    im supercharging my Sc400 atm and have fitted a LS400 fan bracket but need a LS400 pulley to suit as my SC400 one is mounted to the hydraulic fan bracket permanatly. its just the four bolt pulley itself that i need. i dont mind paying postage from the states but if someone has one is aus...
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    SC400 manual conversion aftermath

    i finished my r154 manual converison about a year ago and then had to let the car sit for a while due other comitments. im finally back to working on her and want to fix some electrical isssues she came up with after the conversion. the main one weather its electrical or mechanical i dont know...
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    WTB; soarer tt drive shaft

    im after a tt auto or manual drive shaft to complete my v8 manual conversion. prefer in perth but if some one has one in australia im sure i could figure something out. thanks
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    billet rocker cover

    hi just a idea while im up late thinking about my car and cant sleep. how about desighning some nice fat billet rocker covers, maybe with gills like the old edelbrock ones. also add some 1 1/2 inch breathers on each side. any suggestions or any one know who might be able to make them with a...
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    1uz or sr20det into mk2 escort

    i bought this car when i was 15 and done it up as i was driving it in my teenage years to what u see in the pics. i recently pulled it out the shed after a couple of years and am thinking of putting a new motor in it, so far the options have been a turbo rotory then sr20det and now a manual...
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    why not lock it

    ever since the day i got my sc400 iv been wanting to put a lsd in her but as funds are short at the moment i was thinking of welding the centre. im use to all the dramas that come along with lockers as every car i get ends up with the diff locked. just chasing some opinions as i havent heard of...