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    Twin Turbo 1UZ Soarer Dragcar

    At the moment we are having a back pressure issue with turbine housings and is seeing up to 15psi under load. We are still working through the tune and have it pretty clean up till 6000rpm.
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    Twin Turbo 1UZ Soarer Dragcar

    I thought it was time to share my Project with the world of Lextreme from down here in Christchurch New Zealand. I always had a dream of building a Toyota Soarer drag car what eventuated was a lot more radical than first planned. I had trouble acquiring a donor car to start the build with...
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    need some help, probably electrical.

    Have just had the same issue and mine was he computer. Visually it appears fine no leaking caps or anything but engine wont fire just cranks over.
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    WTD 1UZ soarer ecu NZ

    After running the diagnostic it has a problem but no error code and will not fire have swapped it with a crown ECU which has let me drive it to work but not ideal.
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    WTD 1UZ soarer ecu NZ

    looking for standard ecu to replace dead one in NZ
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    any one have 1uz igniter plugs

    the igniters are just a pair of 4 cyl toyota igniters so you should be able to find something from your local wrecker. Try 4age levin or corolla, there are 2 different igniters they can have. Should have a number on them you can match