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  1. SC400TT

    Aftermarket Crank Dampener for 1UZFE

    Guys, I searched and did not find anything on this forum. Does anybody make a better Harmonic Dampener for our engines? I am looking for the same size as stock, as I do not want an underdrive pulley type. Thanks, Ryan
  2. SC400TT

    Attention! Donation thread to lextreme

    Members, lurkers, trollers and guests, I have been a member of this wonderful and very performance oriented forum for many years now. It is through this site and David Phan's efforts and his dedication to the Lexus V8 performance potential that nudged me to move forward with my project. I...
  3. SC400TT

    Kenne Bell Boost a Spark

    Sorry guys if there is much on this in the forum...I searched the forum and really did not come up with much. I am thinking of going with the Kenne Bell Boost a Spark. Does anyone have experience with it on the pre 99 1UZ? It looks pretty good, and I do not want to go through the issues of...
  4. SC400TT

    Charcoal Cannister deletion and fuel tank pressure

    Gents, I needed a strategic place to locate my catch can, so I removed the charcoal cannister, separated the mounting brqcket from it, and I mounted it to my Greddy catch can. I then mounted the catch can in that location. I currently have the line from the tank to the engine bay blocked...
  5. SC400TT

    What should EGT's range?

    Wassup gang? I have been researching EGT's, exhaust gas temps, and I know that optimallly, one sensor should be placed at each runner within 3" of the head, but since I am not looking for pure race status, and street status, I am wondering what your thoughts are for EGT's in a V8, twin turbo...
  6. SC400TT

    Oil Level Sensor for pre-vvti 1UZ

    Members, Do any of you have an extra Oil Level Sensor that connects in the driver's side of the block above the upper oil pan? Mine may be leaking, and I could use one. Thanks so much. Let me know how much. Thanks!! Ryan
  7. SC400TT

    Properly rebuilt V160 for sale

    Gang, I have a properly rebuilt V160 Getrag 6 speed manual transmission for sale. It has not been installed in any car since the rebuild. For those of you wanting to swap this trans onto your V8' I also have the TTC Adaptor Plate, and several machined parts specifically machined for this...
  8. SC400TT

    gearbox speed sensor type

    Does anyone know if the OEM gearbox on the SC400 uses a Hall type sensor for the rear wheels? I have just received the reluctor interface for the SM4, and I need to connect it up. Thanks, Ryan
  9. SC400TT

    SC400 ABS Speed Sensor

    Does anybody know the manufacturer of the ABS speed sensor for the SC400? I appreciate your help.. Thanks, Ryan
  10. SC400TT

    18" Performance Tires for sale

    I have 4 tires for sale. Fronts are Bridgestone Pole Position, 245x40x18 Brand new, never run. These are for sale for $140 each. Rear wheels are Falken Azenis ST115, 275x35x18, run less than 500 miles. In excellent condition, like new. These are for sale for $110 each. Prefer local pick up...
  11. SC400TT

    Eric's TT UZ hit 640 WHP at 19 lbs Boost

    Hey guys, I just heard from Eric (Cowboy) about his latest Dyno Pull yesterday at Titan. He got a good number: 640 WHP at 19 lbs of boost. His set up and mine are very similar so I expect to see similar numbers. Here is his dyno from a post he made on CL: 9psi low boost: 19psi new boost:
  12. SC400TT

    What fuel pumps to use, and in-line or external?

    Well gents, I am nearing completion of my project and I am reviewing my original design for my fuel system, and I am now researching quite a bit. I was going with dual Walbro 255's in-tank, 2 -6 lines run up to the rails, and a 90 degree from the passenger side to a T on the driver side, into...
  13. SC400TT

    SC400TT Kit for sale

    Gang: After a long period of thinking on this, I am selling my original SC400TT Kit that was for Stage 1 of my project. As you know, it works well, and allows you to keep your power steering and air conditioning in place. This is as close to a bolt on kit as you can get for the SC, as you will...
  14. SC400TT

    Two Different Throttle Bodies

    Hey gang: Sine I am installing stand alone engine and transmission management in my project car, I am eliminating all emissions and EGR. I will also not neede the TRAC traction control system form Lexus. I have never seen the non-traction control throttle body, but I believe it only has 1...
  15. SC400TT

    Spark Plugs For Forced Induction

    Guys, I know we need to install colder plugs in an engine with Forced Induction. I do have some questions for you ignition experts: What is the recommended best type of plug? I understand standard copper electrode plugs are far better and safer for turbo applications. I also understand that...
  16. SC400TT

    V8's in 08 Shootout - Houston, TX

    V8's in 08 Shootout - Houston, TX OK Gang. Here is the official thread to start off the V8 Shootout. Location- Houston, TX Date- TBD, but in Late Spring, 2008 Weekend meet Place, TBD, but hopefully at one of the 4 Lexus dealers in Houston Races, need to find a track in Houston OK, this is...
  17. SC400TT

    Would you install fuel lines inside the cabin of the car, especially like this?

    Gang: I want to start a new thread here that gets the opinions and thoughts of each of you on this subject: Would you cross the firewall, and install fuel lines inside the cabin of your car? I ran into an interesting situation...When I stripped my project car recently to sell all the tan...
  18. SC400TT


    Gang: Anyone know where to get bearings for the Serpentine belt tensioner pulley, and the alternator? I am chroming the pulleys, and need the bearings. Thanks, Ryan
  19. SC400TT

    Spark Plug wires

    Gang: I know our illustrious Lextreme discussed the many benefits of the Nology wires. So my post is not to discuss them again, but it is to discuss the Lexus OEM spark plug wires...It is my understanding that they are of extreme quality, and that they put out quite a bit of spark even though...
  20. SC400TT

    Injector cleaning and servicing

    Besides RC Engineering, are there any other companies anyone has experience with? I know this is important, but to pay approximately $24 per injector to RC...That will cost me $400. I have 16 injectors. Thanks, Ryan