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  1. andrewzuku

    Identify Hall Effect Speedo (3-wire) Wires

    I need help identifying the wires coming from the 3 wire hall effect sensor on a 1991 Soarer V8 (UZZ31) transmission (A341E). Here's the the wires I have, and what I think they're for... Rear of car, Yellow: Supply 12V to this wire? Middle, Pink: Ground? Front of car, Blue...
  2. andrewzuku

    V8 ECU - 40p 40p 40p - 89661-24220

    I have an UZZ3x Soarer Engine Control/Transmission ECU for sale. Price: $160 Location: Gold Coast, Qld Australia Works perfectly :) Fits '91 to '94/01 V8s Part Number 89661-24220
  3. andrewzuku

    Reverse gear is slipping

    Hey, I've got a 1UZ and Auto (A341E / 30-41LE) in a 1981 Hilux. Recently I've almost lost reverse. All the other gears are strong and working perfectly, but in reverse it will even roll down a hill forwards. I need to rev it to around 2000rpm before it will engage at all, then it creeps...
  4. andrewzuku

    Help Identifying 3-Bolt Flange

    I have a 1UZ-FE and Auto from a 1991 Soarer in a 1981 2wd Hilux. I recently replaced the output shaft and extension housing on the transmission ("30-40LE" or "a341e") after cracking the extension housing with a badly vibrating tailshaft (that's been fixed). Unfortunately, the 3-bolt flange on...
  5. andrewzuku

    Swap Soarer / Chaser auto output shaft?

    Does anybody know if the rear bolt-on bit of casing and output shaft are interchangable between the v8 soarer auto gearbox (a341e) and the one on a 1998 vvti 1JZ chaser (I'm not 100% of the gearbox code, but I think it's possibly an a341e aswell)? I've cracked/shattered mine with a dodgy...
  6. andrewzuku

    Autometer guage with custom face

    Does anyone know if the autometer electric speedos can be dissasembled without breaking them to replace the backing/face with a custom design? Are they held together with screws or have they been glued tight so that people don't mess with them? Andrew
  7. andrewzuku

    Valve Body Mod - manualized auto without ECU

    Does anyone in QLD do valve body mods to make the auto gearbox (a341e) full manual so it doesn't need wiring etc - I heard a rumor that someone in South Australia does. Andrew
  8. andrewzuku

    Still smooth with no exhaust?

    Should the 1UZ still be rediculously smooth with no exhaust at all? It's not running all that smooth, and when I've driven it, it hasn't had great power. I've got the engine out of a 91 soarer running in a 1981 hilux. All I've got to go before it's on the road is exhaust (and mod plate)...
  9. andrewzuku

    1UZ + 1981 2WD Hilux

    Mostly because of a lack of money, it's taken me just over a year, but I'm nearly finished putting a 1UZ and auto gearbox into my 1981 Hilux. All that's got to go now is to wire the gauges and thermofans, and exhaust. I'm going to stick to a fairly quiet exhaust system (2 x 2.25" through high...