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    Cast alloy rear drop sumps

    Well they have been a long time coming but finally have them sorted. I have one left at this price then will have more as soon as they come back from the foundry but they will be $850 AU plus shipping. They will also have the oil pickup and all mounting bolts supplied...
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    Spitronic maps

    G'day all, I have just finished fitting a Spitronics ECU and TCU in my 1UZ powered 37 chev. Have the car up and running and shifting ok. Just thought I should start a thread on the Spitronics maps as I haven't been able to find any apart from the couple that came with the units. I haven't dynode...
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    Wiring connectors

    G'day all, I am in the process of fitting a Spitronics ECU and would prefer to fit new plugs on the loom rather than cut and shut old ones. Anybody know where I can get the injector, temp sensor, crank sensor etc plugs with pins. Thanks
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    Anyone interested???

    I am thinking of making some cast aluminium rear drop sumps for the 1UZ. They will probably be a winged design with the full rear bolt pattern to bolt to the bellhousing. Just wandering how much interest there would be if i was to go ahead. Wouldnt be till the new year i don't think so plenty of...
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    Fuel pressure on a hot day

    G'day all, just lately in this hot weather i have been having trouble with my fuel system. If i get down to half a tank or so i lose line pressure. The fuel in the tank gets very hot and could be vapourising. If i go and fill up then i dont have any probs and if it is a cool day i have no probs...
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    Just bought another motor for the 37 and just wanderin what i've got. I was told it was Soarer but from what i have read on here i think it might be an ambulance motor. It is rear sump but instead of plastic covers on the front it has a large cast alloy plate with the alternator mounted at the...
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    Locked engine

    G,day all, have searched all through this site but have not found anyone with this problem. I have a 1uzfe in a 37 Chev which has been running fine for the last 12 months and done approx 8000km's since it went in. I was taking it to have the trans flushed and got about 35 km's from home when it...
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    Trans problem

    G'day all, iv'e got a bit of a problem with the trans in the 37 (1uzfe). It seems like it skips a gear when you take off, starts in first but feels like it jumps to 3rd or od and won't kick back until it gets a bit more speed up. If you change manually it works fine. Any ideas:dunno: :dunno:
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    BIP Toyota

    I bought my motor and trans package from this mob and arrived. This was back in Nov. They sent the wrong one, i asked for a soarer as i wanted the rear sump they sent Celsior. Rang up and "no problem we will send you the right sump". A week and a half goes by ,no sump. Ring back "sorry we...
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    New to jap V8's

    G'day all, i'm new to these new fandangled engines so will probably ask lots of questions:wtf: First question. I was looking at the engine and trying to work out what i can remove as it's in a 37 Chev that i am building so only want the minimun stuff on there. I reckon i can remove the second...