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  1. XR8tt

    Tragic email from soldier asking for help!! PTSD issues!!

    Got a long email from my Brother in Chicago from a friend who played rugby with my brother, was in forces etc . He's hit rock bottom !! Is there any help for these people in US ?? He has worked for gov agencies. Seems he may do something silly to himself !! Can a local talk to him ?? Please ..
  2. XR8tt

    Rear cam rocker cover bungs

    I have assembled my engine and I cannot find the rear round discs / bungs that fit where cam would if on other side of engine..One in each head.. Any have some lying around ?? Or where I can get them?? My worry is I have to buy a "whole" gasket kit !!!
  3. XR8tt

    RA28, 1UZ,Powerglide, 9", S480 turbo project..

    Start a new thread on my RA28 project.. Finally have heads back from being assembled with 2mm O/S 1JGTE stainless steel valves, shimless buckets, Brian Crower 2J valve springs.. ; Just under 10 mm lift..Yes heads are CNC machined.. ; ; Cannot see the expense or parts here...120Lb seat...
  4. XR8tt

    VALVE spring shims ???

    I'm after valve spring shims that fit between spring and head... 16 at .140 and 16 at .060 thick... I can get some made, hoping there's some off the shelf options?? They must be proper hardened spring seats...
  5. XR8tt

    If it's cold where you are ???

    This is the temp in Sydney Australia at present ..2/2/11 28*c = 100*F...
  6. XR8tt

    Another performance car down under that isn't G.M

    Or Lexus... I was going to put this on another thread .. Thought better to have its own.. We ave a strong 4.0, 6 cylinder turbo sedan down under. Namely the XR6T Ford Falcon .. In most cases any turbo that works well on these would work WELL on a higher reving 4.0 V8... Yes I know this is a...
  7. XR8tt

    Queensland floods vid..

    Hope very one is safe.. Floods on top of floods.. Sheesh.. Where was the car parked ???
  8. XR8tt

    One of the quickest street legal 1UZ's

    This would have a right up there to be one of the fastest 1UZ engined cars around..Venerable Ford Capri...
  9. XR8tt

    What a bargain ???
  10. XR8tt

    Now the Lexus GX460 recall The Consumer Reports said that the vehicle is unsafe as its electronic stability control system has met with some defects. The report titled, "Don't Buy...
  11. XR8tt

    intake flange plate

    Does anyone cut alloy inlet flange plates .. I'm in need of a set to make performance turbo inlet manifold.. For 1UZ...
  12. XR8tt

    Aussie Jamboree 2009 - Pro Turbo Eliminations

    Sorry... No 1UZ's here .. A few 2J's though.. See Gas motorsport car? This one crashed as seen in the other thread some time back.. It's an ex Titan car... Running well here... Turn speakers up... The black Celica is over from New Zealand..
  13. XR8tt

    Toyota recall

    Not good but I guess every co. has these issues...
  14. XR8tt

    Lexus to T5/6 adapter From Aussie
  15. XR8tt

    Has things changed BIG time in U.S !!

    Went to Sema show this year in Vegas 4 Nov.. I drove down through Mexico boarder then up to Phoenix, Pine top, Kayenta.. Sema show for two days in Vegas.. Then drove to Aspen Springs Colorado, Sioux city. Then Naperville Ill where my brother lives.. All done by myself and Mrs as "passenger"...
  16. XR8tt

    You never know who you run into ina big city !!

    Went to the local pic and pay the other day... There was a gentleman driving a small car with P plates on it.. I said something along the lines "young P platter" You wouldn't know it was one of the gentlemen who posts on here.. Small world at times.. Rev heads seem to congregate at the same...
  17. XR8tt

    Early 1uz rods

    Have another 15 rods.. Sydney, Hornsby, Penrith area delivery.. Outside pay post/ freight.. Rods only..
  18. XR8tt

    Joke.. Be carefull what you ask for !!

    AnAussie truckie walks into an outback cafe' With a full-grown emu behind him. The waitress asks them for their orders. The truckie says, 'A hamburger, chips and a coke,' And turns to the emu, 'What's yours?' 'I'll have the same,' says the emu. A short time later the waitress returns With...
  19. XR8tt

    Suffering brake fade ??? Some people shouldn't own cars!!

    I can almost pick the nationality ?? But I may upset some Islanders Lol.. Was complaining about brake fade... Unless Toyota are clever and have invented some see through rotors ??..
  20. XR8tt

    Trade some 1000cc injectors for some 1600cc

    Due to runing E85 I'm upgrading my NEW IN BOX 1000cc Delphi for some 1600cc injectors.. Swap or sell...