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    Head Gasket Identification

    Having bought another 1UZ in bits a while back for another project it is time to assemble. The old head gaskets are thrown out so how do I identify LH and RH head gaskets please. both will fit on either side, however water holes are of different sizes. Could someone please say take a photo of...
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    V8 Engine mount measurement help

    Hello All, I am hoping someone can help. I need the distance between centers of engine mounts for a V8 Soarer. Hopefully someone has a crossmember or Lexus with motor out. Reason for needing this....fabricating engine mounts on a jig using std Soarer V8 mounts. Regards, Graham
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    Headers/Extractors in New Zealand

    Do any fellow kiwis know if any extractors are available in NZ for a V8 Soarer?? Regards, Graham
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    Wanted: rings and bearings in New Zealand

    Hello, Rebuilding my V8 down here in NZ and having trouble getting rings and bearings (standard) Does anyone have any ideas please??? I am happy to import from wherever. Regards, Graham
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    Clean Engine time

    Finally pulled the V8 out of my Soarer with a run bearing so rebuild time. What ideas do you all have regarding bring up the aluminium to look shiney and new again?? Regards, Graham
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    Bad Oil Leak in front of motor!!

    I have oil pouring out of front of motor...appears to be coming out around crank pulley, however pouring out after oil pressure gets 45 seconds after motor starts...and continues to run out after motor turned off. Any ideas...Cam seals maybe, but whta else is under there?? Regards...