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    93 SC400 1UZFE into 88 RX-7 Journal

    Hi Brandon, I'm currently doing the exact same swap in my teammates fc. We have everything mounted and its ready to rip but we can't seem to get the wiring sorted out. Do you think we could connect as I'd love to talk about some of the wiring that we have, and make sure that we are on the same...
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    Wanted: Engine harness, alternator, PS pump, rear sump etc.

    Hey guys, Super new here but have been lurking the forums for a while. I'm currently putting a vvti 1uz into an 87 Fc3s rx7 drift car. Right now we have the JDM VVTI engine, the Collins performance swap parts, and the sr20 trans to make it work. The engine showed up with cut harness and no...