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  1. 84pickup1uz

    Building custom maifold for M112 supercharger on Gen 1 1UZ- Pointers and advise please

    Ok guys..for those not following my build thread I am installing a 1st gen 1UZ motor in my 85 Pickup truck. I've decided it needs to be supercharged and I am using an Eaton 112. I'can't really afford to buy a manifold from down under so I am making one with the help of my local water jet...
  2. 84pickup1uz

    85 pickup - 1UZ swap with R150 transmision, MS3X stand alone ECU and 112 supercharger.

    Just getting started on the physical work on this project. I've been doing research for several months and have acumulated a small mountain of cardboard boxes (parts) in the corner of my shop. This truck project itself was started 10 years ago and at the time I had only access to a domestic...