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    I have had one in my 1UZ powered 37 Chev for about 6 years now. TCU and ECU no problems
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    Help with Head and Deck Height Measurements?

    As I posted earlier. That is not the ideal place to take measurements from as being the surface that the head bolt is torqued down it could be slightly compressed and also the machining tolerance on a spotface would be greater than the cam journal tolerance. I would take all the measurements...
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    Rear oil sumps

    Haha 15 years ago I had never heard of a 1uz lol
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    Rear oil sumps

    G'day Rod, did yours not have the dipstick?
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    Rear oil sumps
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    Anyone interested???

    If it doesn't run full length then you are only measuring the lower pan not the complete sump. The rest of the sump is between the lower pan and the base of the block
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    Anyone interested???

    I have never seen a sump that is only 75mm deep unless it's a dry sump which wouldn't be factory. Is the part you are measuring tin or aluminium and does it run full length of the block or only part of the way?? Put a picture up, i'm sure others would also be interested in seeing this setup
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    Anyone interested???

    Are you measuring from the actual bottom of the block or the bottom of the first part of the sump???
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    Cast alloy rear drop sumps

    Not sure of the actual grade but it machines up like 5083 or 6061 when it's heat treated
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    Anyone interested???

    75mm ?? that would only be the alumium piece wouldn't it?? I have modified the new ones to 175mm but I know that different people want different things.
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    Anyone interested???

    Well this has dragged out longer than anticipated but finally have the sumps sorted out. They are now 25mm shallower than before more material on the flange face and provisions for a baffle if required. The trans pans I had clearance issues with and have to modify the patterns so i'm not putting...
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    Cast alloy rear drop sumps

    They are cast alloy then heat treated. 175mm from the base of the block to the bottom of the pan, You can gain about 10 or 12mm by machining off the fins or alternatively cut a slice out and re-weld
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    Cast alloy rear drop sumps

    I also have the rocker cover inserts available and will have trans pans soon.
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    Cast alloy rear drop sumps

    Well they have been a long time coming but finally have them sorted. I have one left at this price then will have more as soon as they come back from the foundry but they will be $850 AU plus shipping. They will also have the oil pickup and all mounting bolts supplied...
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    What Floor Shift Can I Use On 1UZFE Auto

    Jags are a simple unit. Better than the B&M crap.
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    Request assistance 1uzfe, a340e, tailshaft to 95 Hiace diff

    There are a few ways of doing it. You could use the original donut on the front shaft if you want but that will have to go to a centre bearing and uni or cv joint behind it with a uni on the diff. The donuts were for independent rear so diff didn't move. Unlike the Hi ace. In my 37 I modified...
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    Timing belt

    I recently bought a kit from these guys. Fast service and very comprehensive kit with Gates belt. Good price and free postage.
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    Road Trip Coming Up

    Just have a fully loaded esky Rod. The rest will be fine:p:p
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    As polite as possible- Auto Transmission questions

    How long was it sitting before you ran it. Could be sticky solenoids. Have you checked if they are getting power