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    After best part of 12 months battle with running issues, trips to garages who say they know what they are doing and then don't, I have to admit that the issue will can not be resolved without knowledgeable help! Can anyone recommend someone who knows these conversions inside out? Preferably...
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    Hi, Anybody know how to check if they are working/dead? Running rough and fouling the plugs up, have tried two and both the same. Found an article about measuring resistance across the pins but I am not getting any readings at all. Cheers for any help
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    Misfire after work

    Car running perfect,went in to the fabricators for a steering conversion and came out not running. After sorting out issues with the ignition switch and various dash related bits that they managed to break we can now start and run but with a misfire. Have pulse on all the injectors and...
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    Finally the car run (sort of), no power at injectors but with a live across starts and runs but shuts down after 5 seconds. Don't seem to be getting 12v on pin 14 (neutral start switch)? Would this be the cause of power to injectors and why engine is shutting down when running with the...
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    Starter Issues

    Had a search seems to be loads about starters that fail and just click. Mine was working fine, now just spins and won't engage??? Any ideas to try before I have to pull the starter out? Cheers
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    1 UZFE into Pagoda SL

    Having spent many hours looking for information and researching ideas I thought it would be a good idea to let people see the project as it evolves, and share the experience/pain! Firstly for those who think it criminal to cut up an SL, the car came with a ford 302 installed (badly) and it...
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    1UZFE into classic merc, wiring help!

    Hi, Am currently replacing the 302 that was in my sl with an LS400 engine/loom. Possibly have a few bits of wiring missing, although it was meant to be complete. Any help/ideas much appreciated. Have attached photos of car and the plugs and loom that I have.