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    1990 LS400 kickdown switch

    Hi, I've got a 1990 LS400 engine & box and was wondering if the kickdown switch needs to be connected? I know the wire is on the E11 plug pin 20. If so how is it wired up? Pin 20 wire to one side & the other ide to where? Thanks Ludders
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    Engine & Gearbox weight

    Hi, I've done a forum search but must be typing the wrong thing in. Does anyone know the dry & wet weight for a (mines a 1992) Lexus V8 engine & gearbox? I found between 177 & 190kg for the engine on the net. Would like separate weights if possible Thanks Paul
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    What are these plugs for?

    Hi can anyone tell me what these plugs are for? Cheers Paul
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    Wiring Diagram

    Hi, Does anybody have a wiring diagram for this ECU? I'm planning on running the stock auto box too. Thanks in advance Paul