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    F/S W58 Trans with 1UZFE swap setup

    The transmission has been sold but all the conversion parts are still available. Willing to ship these parts. Original posted updated but price for the conversion parts is $700 OBO plus shipping.
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    F/S W58 Trans with 1UZFE swap setup

    I have for sale the transmission setup I had in my 82 Celica Supra with a 1UZFE swap. I am getting rid of this setup as I am swapping in a 300ZX transmission. The transmission has been sold but all the conversion parts are still available. The clutch has about 1000 miles on it and while the...
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    Oil "Pooling" in top of Head

    My left side valve cover is leaking at the back on the exhaust side. When I pulled the valve cover it appears that oil is pooling at the back two cam lobes (right where it is leaking). Looking at the rest of the cam it is also pooling slightly at the front two lobes as well. Is this a common...
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    Megasquirt 2 help needed

    have a non-vvti in my 82 Supra. Picked up a Megasquirt 2 with 3.57 for it. Running factory ignition. Megasquirt has a Zeal daughter board for the Cam Sensor. Problem I am having is the left coil is causing too much noise for the cam and crank to sync correctly. Removing the left coil fuse gives...
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    Fuel Pressure Issue

    Having a fuel pressure problem on my 1UZ swap. Engine is 94 1UZFE from LS400. I put on a new external Walbro 255 pump. Just recently put on an aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator, -6AN lines and russell fuel filter. Set the pressure to 40 psi at idle with the vacuum line disconnected...
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    Under Load Issue

    When I go for a test drive on my 1UZ swap I have an issue that I can't seem to figure out. Coming out of my house is a slight downhill. I can drive it the tenth of a mile down the slight hill and have full power and RPM's up to redline of 6500 RPM. When I turn around to go back home the slight...
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    Rev Limit help

    Never mind I modified the plugs on the other igniters and plugged them into the harness. Started it up and it no longer rev cuts. Full revving now! Thanks for the advice!
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    Rev Limit help

    The current igniters on the car are 89621-26010. I picked up a couple of igniters from the junkyard a couple of weeks ago that are part number 89621-12050. The plug is just slightly different for the ones I picked up at the junkyard. The ECU is from a 94 LS400. What part number igniters...
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    Rev Limit help

    I have swapped a 94 1UZ into an 82 Supra. I have all of the emissions removed from the engine (don't even have any of the wiring attached). When I first fired the engine up it ran rough but got better as engine learned but still not great. It would also limit the revs to 4K RPM. I just sent the...
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    Wiring Help with 94 1UZ into 82 Supra

    I have swapped a 1UZFE into my 82 Supra. The engine, harness and ECU are from a 94 without traction control. I am not running any emissions on the car, all of the holes for emissions on the intake manifold have been welded up. I fired up the engine and it took it a while to idle by...
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    No CEL on with swap

    Turns out I was just an idiot and was grounding the other side of my bulb rather than putting it to ignition switch on power. Made that change and it comes on perfectly.
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    No CEL on with swap

    That part I have figured out already. Was hoping for more specific suggestions on where to look at.
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    No CEL on with swap

    I recently got my 1uzfe swapped into an 82 Supra running. However, it won't rev last 4K RPM. I am guessing that means it is in limp mode. My problem is I can't check for any codes because the check engine light does come on at any point. The current engine/wiring/ECU setup is- Engine is from...