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    Quantum-auto is now owned by just thought you guys would like that :)
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    WTB 1uz automatic bellhousing

    WTB 1uz automatic bellhousing I'm located in California.
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    WTB 1uz automatic bellhousing

    WTB 1uz automatic bellhousing I'm located in California.
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    Bulletcars 1uzfe supercharger manifold and m122 supercharger for sale

    NAME (First and Last) : Brandon Elzner EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 2 oh 9 - 303-4214 text pls. LOCATION: Modesto California PAYMENT PREFERENCE: Paypal ------------------------------------------------------------------ ITEM: Bulletcar's Supercharger manifold for the 1uz and...
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    supercharger brackets I finally got the new brackets made and posted on the website
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    New R154 adapter from 4u2quik

    I've literally been dragging my feet on this project, but it's finally done and complete. The new adapter eliminates the need to cut the guide tube that's attached to the bearing cover in order to use the GM t56 throwout bearing. the new adapter locates directly on the output shaft for...
  7. 4's new R150. R150f, and R151F adaptor

    For a long time now if you wanted to use the 1uz in any truck suv or 4x4 you had to have a post 1996 r150 from a tacoma, or make a hybrid transmission from two different transmissions. This is no longer the case!
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    wtb: 89-91 toyota chaser parts

    I'm looking for the rear tail lights with the centerpiece, and the front and rear bumper. I'm hoping some of you guys from down under can help me out.
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    Anyone else have issues getting a response from bullatcars?

    Anyone else have issues getting a response from bullatcars? I tried contacting them last week thru their website and they still have not gotten back to me. I want to order the supercharger manifold for the 1uz.
  10. 4's R154 to 1uz adaptor install

    First off here's the t56 throwout bearing On the left hand side it has a slip fitting that is retained by a roll pin remove the roll pin and the big orange gm fitting slides right out. Go ahead and toss this piece as it's useless for this swap. now use the slip fitting that came with...
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    The forum seems to be messed up bad

    What's going on here?
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    some tweaker (methhead) stole a single connecting rod and piston. I need another fast

    like the title says. Some asshole methhead stole a single rod and piston that was in my car, waiting to be taken to the shop to be hot tanked. So I need a standard size early piston, and a early fat rob desperately bad! My entire project is on hold untill I get another.
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    Project X - 1uz Supra #2

    So here we go again! I'm doing Supra #2 now, and the timeline is short on this one. Plans are to make it to toyotafest with it on may 5th. Plans are..... Since the original 7mgte (aka rodknock magnet) is out of the car already the first thing to do is prep the 1uzfe for the swap. I...
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    GM/DELPHI LSx engine management on the 1UZFE SUCCESS!

    So, my friend rich at daft innovations have done something crazy again, we were both throughally frustrated with the oem engine management, rev limiter is too low, no real clean straightforeward tuning capabilities, ect. basically the stock system is ok but it could be a whole world better than...
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    Toyoya Fest 2011 pics

    Drove the 1UZ supra 1200 miles round trip. Not a single issue from the moment I left.
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    Custom 1UZFE Flywheel in the U.S.

    So, for forever now finding a UZFE flywheel for manual conversions in the usa has been a major undertaking. The only options out there have been modified cast flywheels. (not just the 3sgte flywheels) or having them imported from out of the country. After I test this prototype throughally this...
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    1994 Lexus SC400 TEWD. Or at least the part that matters!

    Sooo... I scored a 04 sc400 tewd (technical electrical wiring diagram). Lots of people have been asking me to post it up for everyone to see, so here it is. 5 photos at a time lol.....
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    WTB: 1uz flexplates.

    I need a few of these for an idea I had. just let me know what you people want for them shipped to usa 95368.
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    toyota dyno day/meet @ (daft innovations modesto ca. USA) 9/26/10

    toyota dyno day/meet @ (daft innovations modesto ca. USA) 9/26/10 $40 for 3 pulls with printout (hp,tq, and wideband printout.) we would like everyone to come even if there not getting there car dynoed... There will be free food and drinks, and lots of cool cars just like last time...
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    1uz W58 Cressida swap using the quartermaster hydraulic throwout

    Sorry it took me sol long to post this! I've had the pics on my computer for about 4 or 5 months now and finally just got around to posting these up. We did the w58 swap using the quartermaster hydralic unit. Here's the pics. here's the QM unit. I'm not sure what model number it is off...