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    1UZFE Twin Turbo Kit with VNT25 Garrett Turbos

    Decided I am going to go with a bigger turbo setup so the manifolds and turbos are for sale. Only whats in the picture is included.
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    FS: Mines ECU

    Mines ECU from a Celsior as shown in the picture. Currently running a UZ from a 94 Soarer. Only selling as going to full standalone for due to turbo application. Looking for $700. Located in Brisbane. 0431275072
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    FS: w58 Adapter Kit for Manual Conversion [QLD]

    Selling my w58 conversion kit as I've decided to go 6speed to meet me new power goals. Kit has 0km traveled, but has been bolted up to check fitment and function - fits well. Includes: Quartermaster Throw Out 721-100 Aluminum Flywheel W/ Ring Ger (5.03KG!!!) QuantumAuto Clutch + PP Rated at...
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    WTB: 1UZ-FE AFM [Aust]

    As titled, chasing one of these, must be known to be working. PM with details. Australia preferred but will pay for shipping if O/S.
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    1UZ-FE Won't Crank Over

    Hi Guys, Recently finishing up a 1UZ into a JZA80 conversion and have run into problems trying to start it. Details. - Won't crank what so ever - Rapid Clicking when turning the key - Brand New Battery - Can hear the relay click on/off. - Can hear the fuel pump coming online...
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    What am I missing here

    As titled, just re-assembling the motor and don't remember ever having the sensor(?) that should go here, what is it/do I need it?
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    1UZ Engine Pulley Kit..?

    Having looked for sometime now, haven't been able to track down anyone making a lightweight alloy pulley kit for the 1UZ? Anyone know of any suppliers?