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    Project Thread Project SC400TT

    Water to Air intercooler will dramatically affect Daily Driving as well, unless you plan on running an aluminum radiator for the W-A intercooler as well. FMIC are slightly less efficient, but the utmost daily driveable. The ice in the resevoir it self will be melted after 15-20 seconds of hard...
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    Maf setup + piggyback

    SAFC is a better choice than a straight out FMU i.e. 12:1, SAFC allows you to fine tune the fuel settings slightly more than an FMU that is a hardset equation. SAFC-2 also allows for knock monitoring and several other features not found in the first SAFC. As always, stand alone rules all, but...
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    Maf setup + piggyback

    I was also wondering if the engine setup/stock ecu were different from 1994-1995 and what difficulty I would have supercharging a 1995 LS400? And wether or not Lex can produce a mounting bracket/system for the 1995 motor.
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    Maf setup + piggyback

    I saw the pictures of Lex' supercharger setup and had a few questions about that and management issues. People seem to suggest piggyback up until 20psi, but what exact piggybacks are being used here? Will an SAFC combined with an ignition modifier do for fuel and timing? Also what is the Maf...