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  1. Zuffen

    Long time lurker…first time poster

    I think you will find an LS is about the same as a 1UZ. I have an LS3 in one of my cars and I'm sorry to say it beats the 1UZ hands down. That being said the conversion will be nice and the old 1UZ does sound awesome. Getting more power out of one isn't cheap as the ECU is pretty well...
  2. Zuffen

    ECMs and Earths/Grounds

    The factory uses quite a few engine based ground points. Do it just as the factory has and you shouldn't have any issues. These engines aren't hard to get running in a different vehcile. I've been driving a swapped 1UZ in various guises for almost 20 years. I haven't been stranded on the...
  3. Zuffen

    1997 1uz-fe missing

    What you suspect is an ignition problem could in fact be a dud injector or a fault on that side of things.
  4. Zuffen

    ECMs and Earths/Grounds

    I'm not sure I would use a rivnut as a ground. I'd rather use a stud screwed into a captive welded nut or a nut and bolt. I'd also ensure there was bare metal under the ground strap. As for engine grounds, just do it as the factory did. They probably know what's best.
  5. Zuffen

    Exo Car

    Here you go.
  6. Zuffen

    V12 LS400

    I would think purchasing a front cut from a Century would give you what you need to make it run. Wiring the Century ECUs into the LS body loom would be the biggest hurdle I can see.
  7. Zuffen

    1995 lexus ls400 not wanting to stay running

    When the engine stops, does it still have fuel pressure. Crack a union to see if fuel squirts out. Normally these shut down the injectors if they have an ignition problem, but this is the reverse. I'd be confirming there is fuel at the injectors whilst it is running on spray and after. If...
  8. Zuffen

    1997 1uz-fe missing

    Have you checked for continuity from the sensor to the ECU plus the shielding?
  9. Zuffen

    1995 lexus ls400 not wanting to stay running

    When I first had my conversion running about 20 years ago I had a similar issue. I tracked it down the the fuel pump turning off as soon as the engine started. The problem was the fuel resistor (it was a Crown engine) was faulty. Bypassed it and it ran well, I now run a Soarer engine and...
  10. Zuffen

    Ucf10 fuel rail on Ucf20 engine?

    Regulator is before the outlet. The treaded hose is the inlet.
  11. Zuffen

    1UZ into E36

    I did a similar thing with the baffles around 15 years ago with my supercharged engine. I hope the bolts are holding on for the new owner.
  12. Zuffen

    DO I need a cold start injector switch?

    Depends where you live. Does it snow? If it doesn't drop below 10degreesC it should be OK without the cold start. It may not be happy but it will run. I doubt my cold start injector has been activated since I installed my engine 13 years ago.
  13. Zuffen

    cooling system questions

    Interesting I use 13psi and looking at parts suppliers they also supply 13psi for an LS400.
  14. Zuffen

    Project Thread 1UZ Lincoln Continental. An entirely sane project...

    If I was doing the swap I would use the entire engine and transmission. Why have 3 gears when you can effectively have 4. Additionally the Toyota transmission will reduce the cost of the swap as all you need to do is make a transmission mount and modify the tail-shaft. The traction control...
  15. Zuffen

    Cooling system refill

    If you fill the catch sank the coolant will only be drawn into the engine after the engine has heated and then cooled down. I fill it through the fill bolt at the thermostat and top up the catch tank so it has coolant to replace the air that will be purged out. give it a try.
  16. Zuffen

    Cat removal

    I don't think you would notice any change. Don't forget our EPA has a nice $5,000 fine for cat removal. I put new 400 cell cats on each new build and sleep soundly knowing I won't get knocked off for it. Plenty of other stuff they can get me for but those fines are cheap.
  17. Zuffen

    Raw water cooling

    Given the role of the waterpump in the cam drive I'd be inclined to leave it stock, in other words I'd be afraid to modify it in case it failed. I know the valves are safe but still a royal pain if it fails.
  18. Zuffen

    transmission controller

    Search the Forum. There was a member many years ago (15 or more!) called Kdog who deciphered the Crown ECU pinnout. He was/is an electronics Guru and he built a controller for the transmission. Basically it was a bunch of relays that turned certain solenoids in the transmission on or off as...
  19. Zuffen

    5.2L Stroker

    You can chase all the capacity you want, unless you can make the heads flow 50% better you have an obstacle to any real performance gains. Years ago I ported a 1UZ until we were very close to striking water and it still flowed poorly.
  20. Zuffen

    Sorry for the very slow reply. I haven't worked with any Toyota auto trans so so can't help...

    Sorry for the very slow reply. I haven't worked with any Toyota auto trans so so can't help you. Have you tried posting in the Forum proper?