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  1. super_red_sc

    30 40LE

    I believe there are solenoids that control shifting of that trans via the ecu. Check the Lexus Service manual. You can get an electronic copy for like $20. A site in UK sells them.
  2. super_red_sc

    Toyota Soarer V8 Hydraulic fan leaking. May convert to electric fans. (Lexus SC400).

    I used a fan bracket for an early LS400 90-94 pn T-150. It was on ebay and was sourced by NPW in AU. The pulley is also available. I replaced the entire radiator, catch tank and fan assembly. It wasn't cheap - I used a 66836 Derale dual fan w controller. I understand you can use a GM truck dual...
  3. super_red_sc

    1UZ cooling system

    Block it off
  4. super_red_sc

    cooling system questions

    The manual indicates 22-24 psi
  5. super_red_sc

    1UZ EGR delete - resistor install with 6-pin connector (temp sensor integrated?)

    I have the same issue with a 97 SC 400. If you take a meter and measure resistance on the six pin you will find that there is 22 ohms resistance from the center pin to the pin on either side of it and there are two rows of pins so upper row & lower row and they all come out 22 ohms. I'm going to...
  6. super_red_sc

    GS400 N/A 450rwhp

    Well, your budget puts you out of the game right off the bat. Also consider you lose 150hp thru the transmission. So if you make 600 you get 450 to the rear wheel. go check 1uztech website and browse their performance packages. You'll get an idea of cost.
  7. super_red_sc

    Supra TT Big Brake Upgrade for SC400

    I just totally rebuilt the suspension, brakes, and new hubs and bearings all the way around on little Red. I used PBM Pro coil overs - very nice and highly tunable. I went with P2M for the suspension parts - nice product, and for brakes I rebuilt the stock calipers and used Powerstops Z23 option...