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    Rear upper control arms 1993 Lexus SC400 probably has some New Old Stock parts and I've bought from them before with good results. Either that or they are refurbished in either way I've never had to send anything back. Now if you really want to spend some money...
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    Pre loaded Rear Coilovers?

    Edit: bought KYB exl-gs and I'm just going to do it, so far taking it apart was very easy and I figure as long as I'm careful putting them back together will be just as simple. And just un case you do decide to rebuild the struts... I know a lot of folks are comfortable using power tools with...
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    '98 LS400 Coilovers

    Update if you haven't done it yet I would definitely recommend getting a shock of your choice ideally reusing your old Springs if they're in decent condition and not super Rusty. I'm about to attempt rebuilding mine and I have all the parts so wish me luck and it's honestly not too hard to...
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    '98 LS400 Coilovers

    If I had the money I would see if TieN or any Japanese brands. KYB is a decent basic, just imo. My 97' isnt air ride though, but I to am at least looking for the rears I had somebody put kybs in the front a little while ago but I don't want to spend that money for the rear, which I have ready...
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    Pre loaded Rear Coilovers?

    Plenty of "OEM" Replacements out there that come preloaded but are they worth going for? NAPA Auto Parts apparently manufacturers preloaded coilovers for my rear. I don't really need adjustables as the actual adjusting them in the rear would be kind of a pain anyway but is it worth going for a...
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    Classic ol' not staying running issue.

    CORRECT SIR! AAAND THERE IT WAS. *FACE SLAP* the bugger melted itself while i was asking "why is it missing, ect ect?!" Took some looking but with some help it fixed and running again! Wound up using a Chevy connector (a lot cheaper short term) which was bulky af but solid. I'll take a picture...
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    Classic ol' not staying running issue.

    Also I agree on not going after the injectors 1st! while they are old, they have worked hours prior to this issue with no problem and no noises or weird happenings. I think as you suspect it may be a throttle body cleanliness issue which I will address or it is unfortunately an electrical...
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    Classic ol' not staying running issue.

    Hopefully this week in light of the current rains that are coming to my neck of the woods. Ideally have the codes read by this weekend. I am waiting to do a fuel test With help from our resident experienced mechanic at our shop. If Necessary after the diagnostic. and if not I will simply...
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    Classic ol' not staying running issue.

    Good to know and thank you, I will check these things tonight snd see how it goes
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    Heavy misfire

    @Zuffen I'm really hoping this is a similar issue to what I'm dealing with
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    Heavy Misfire

    Usually from my experience if any sensor is not connected it will and can cause problems. Have you checked your spark plug cables ignition cables ect?
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    Classic ol' not staying running issue.

    EDIT: HAVING CODES READ THIS WEEK HOPEFULLY still fires but won't stay started at all. 97 ls400 fires up barley but will not sustain. JJust replaced PCV valve and many vacuum hoses. Prior to the pcv valve replace the it was running. I tested the valve to make sure it was functioning properly...
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    The rubber intake HOSE compatability between the MAF housing and the intake. 1997 to previous years.

    I am currently looking for a rubber intake hose that connects the connects my air filter assembly to the master flow sensor mine is completely busted. My question is there's a $50 price difference betwenn1st gens and 2nd Gen. LS400s. Are the hoses the same size and length?
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    New to the forum

    new to the forum and would like to se hello, currently trying to fix my missing engine. Just Looking for resources for various issues. New alt, new plugs, and I'm working on the vaccume system. Starting with checking the electrical's to the plugs and the vacuum system to start. And tonight...