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  1. George_R

    Bmw E36 3uz Swap Problems

    1) most likely, your ecu was not programed for m/t properly 2) next thing is that, most likely, it is not wired properly at the same time
  2. George_R

    Lexus v8 3uz

    what are your long term fuel trims for bank1 and 2 at idle ant 3000rpm? what's your mass airflow (g/sec) at idle?
  3. George_R

    reverse light

    sure just look at your 3uz wiring diagram and connected reverse lights per it
  4. George_R

    3uz low idle in gear

    this device may help, it activates various modes that were available from factory (including idle up) but are no longer available in your not so professional swap
  5. George_R

    AC problems from 3uz to e46

    We have a device to fix a/c , abs, dsc, and dash for 3uz into e46/e39 conversions
  6. George_R

    Some OBDII and Data Link questions
  7. George_R

    Sc430 abs delete

    You can put 2002 sc430 engine , transmission and ecu into anything and once wired properly it will work properly. Stock ABS is not required.
  8. George_R

    1uzfe vvti codes 88 and 89
  9. George_R

    98 VVTi transplant into 91 LS400 - Hitting rev limiter.

    Get a modified valve body for quicker shifting
  10. George_R

    Second gen LS400 tune?

    none of aftermarket ecus is compatible to dash, a/c , trc/vsc system dash and a/c can be partly fixed by additional device though
  11. George_R

    ELM327 Dongle for 1UZZ VVTI
  12. George_R

    CEL problems

    Cel is connected to ecu pin W, active low. Wire an extra small bulb or led and see if it works. It may not work because of ecu aging or other problems that you should expect in 30 year old car
  13. George_R

    3UZ Conversion and Air Conditioning

    your a/c unit and ecu are using different CAN protocol so you definitely need one of my devices
  14. George_R

    1uz vvti starts and cuts out

    where are you located?
  15. George_R

    ECU Trouble

    I suggest engine swap or getting a car that is 10-20 years newer than this
  16. George_R

    Lexus IS250 to 3UZ-FE (completed)

    No way at all Way more pain with electronics, and it will never work that perfectly In fact I doubt you will get much of the car working with 1uz
  17. George_R

    5 speed swap how to delete automatic codes 1uz You can have zero codes, but without this one your vvti will work in limited (failsafe) range, seriously limiting torque and power
  18. George_R

    Early 1UZ VVTi big coils pinout
  19. George_R

    1uz vvti starts and cuts out

    must be immobilizer pull the codes first try reading before posting
  20. George_R

    Is there a UZ-swap guru in UK?

    yes +447957713564