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    Megajolt ?

    B.t.w. John's racer has an early 1uz in it as well, just in case that wasn't clear.
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    Megajolt ?

    Can be done, I think anyway. The 1uz goes very well when fully controlled by a Megasquirt. Why do you only want to only control spark on Megasquirt and not fuel as well. An early Hilux surf has a stand alone autobox controller that will run the gearbox or use a surastick or something similar. As...
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    5 speed 4wd? keep an eye on this thread
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    5 speed 4wd?

    Look at the Suprastick for an auto box controller however as with most gearbox ecus for aisin boxes it will only control a 4 speed. The vvti is fine without the gearbox connected.
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    1000 to 2000rpm surging idle problem

    Thought i'd better post how i solved this issue. Since my car had a cut loom at the bulkhead i had to re attach all the wires- unfortunately i had two yellow wires backwards, one to the idle speed control valve and on to something else. Swapped them back and problem solved.
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    Do you like your extractors?

    I have heard of silencers 'drumming' if they are made out of thin material, did you change them at the same time? The sound could be just transfering along the tubes, the headers may not be the source. Just another avenue worth considering. I do know some Paris dakar vehicles make their...
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    Reverse the 1ux upper inlet manifold?

    Hi all, Having a clearance issue with my Offroad Racer, basically the steering column/coil over mount fouls the inlet pipe, it leaves no room for any pipework to connect to the throttle body. Is it possible to reverse the upper inlet manifold/plenum chamber (the bit with either 'V8' or the...
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    T-Cooler sizing, too big? too little?

    Hi, I'm running one of these. (B&M are very big in motorsport particularly drag racing meaning they make quality components) this cooler has and inbuilt thermostatic bypass that ensures the atf comes up to optimal temp...
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    Recession hit home!!!!!!

    honda out of f1, suzuki and subaru out of wrc, china talking about stopping hosting a gp, seat out of touring car in the uk motorsport really appears to be being hit hard. What is WRC without subaru? on i lighter not and luckily for me i am in a recession proof job (i hope) i design medical...
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    Wanted 1uz in uk

    Paid 350 for my low miles 93 ;ls400 motor with gearbox and all the ancillaries, (cut loom though but sorted that now) Was in a breakers near Kidsgrove (cheshire Staffs borders) 'Allens' i think. Know where there is on in Stoke on Trent too but has had some choice bits nabbed off it though...
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    1000 to 2000rpm surging idle problem

    Yeh thought it could be a leak at first but checked it all. but this is quite extreme and very consistently cyclic, will video it at the weekend to really confuse people. That said i am sure someone has experienced the problem before. I have blocked all the intake lines i am not using and...
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    1000 to 2000rpm surging idle problem

    Ahh, since i am running on only headers it sounds like it could be the problem. Will make up an exhaust and try again. I wonder if it is because the oxygen sensor is so close to the end of the exhaust? just speculation. Thanks for that.
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    1000 to 2000rpm surging idle problem

    Just started my 93 LS400 engine on the bench, it has been stood for just under a year now, (i never heard it run before so i dont know whether this problem existed before but it was from a well crashed car) The engine starts straight up and revs fine but the idle is irratic. It cycles from...
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    Horse Power and Torque

    Quoting the auto math handbook (HP Books) Drive wheel torque = flywheel torque x gear box ratio x diff ratio x transmission efficiency (around 0.85) Wheel thrust is the thrust a tyre applys to the road. Wheel thrust = drive wheel torque / wheel rolling radius This can then gives a...
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    Horse Power and Torque

    OK an example to throw in the mix. Topgear in the uk did a drag race, between a 1.6 litre fiat stilo estate and a mitsi evo 8 fq400, both started in top gear at 30mph. Then they drag raced without gear changes down a 1.7 mile runway. The fiat won...
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    Horse Power and Torque

    As a design engineer i would disagree with that as as there is only really one excepted standard for allen pins (though you are right, there are two) in engineering but we do have a lesser spec as standard buuut more often than not they are adequate and cheaper, the higher specs do go up above...
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    Horse Power and Torque

    well i am in england and we are really weird when it comes to units, our speed limits are in mph and distances on road signs are in miles however we are metric and mostly use metric tools. Oddly english imperial tools are different to american imperial tools (like gallons which are also...
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    Header tank plumbing

    Hi all i am trying to plumb in my coolant/header tank and i am slightly confused. I have a standard ls400 header/expansion tank. i understand that the pipe on the filler neck is a breather. The pipe coming out of the larger end of the tank goes to the cooling pipe on the oil filter (uk...
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    uk 93 ls400, no cold start injector?

    I have a 93 1uz from a uk ls400, As i replaced the starter motor wiring i noticed something odd... there is no cold start injector. Is this normal, it not like we live in a warm country! or is it just because it is cold all the time? The injector isn't there, nor the wiring or fuel feed...
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    I'm the 1st to post in the uk section!

    The 1uz has a quite big following in the uk but no one seems to know about anyone else... Why is this? Anyway need to go and do some more running around to get mine running.