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    1GZ started on floor.

    Using most economic sources to start this monster on floor before i plan to put in to any chasis.!/667076746/timeline/story?ut=54&wstart=1335855600&wend=1338533999&hash=-8701636746223184949&__user=667076746
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    1GZ-FE Part Numbers

    Hi, may i know where to get 1GZ fe oem ECU? i have an bare engine without ecu. Any idea anyone?
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    1UZFE wiring

    Sorry,. the link was closed. Is there any other option to view diagramS?
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    1GZ-fe engine looms n ECU

    Hi Carmbo, Thanks for your advise,... Im now getting more advise from other tuner over here(Malaysia),.. seem ppl over my place here rarely seem though this 1GZ, n they also mostly advise to try on HALTECH P2000.. more details may go futher on before project started. But do u think its a...
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    1GZ-fe engine looms n ECU

    Hi all, im Jimmy from Malaysia, i currently wish to swap this 1GZ floor engine (as i found at chop shop)with half cutted loom n no ecu to my ride JZA80. With my limited knowlage of swapping this kind of V12 engine, hope lextreme members can giv me some advise on engine wiring n ecu section...
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    Wiring Diagram for Toyota 1UZ-FE

    bro, pls to me as well for this diagram.. [email protected] n sorry for intterupt your thraad .. thanks.
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    ECU Need to start engine

    hi tony, i would like to get this info too, coz i bought an drop engine with the same condition as addy mention (the last socket has been cutted). N i planning to swap in my MK4 N/A. Please sent me the wiring diagram to get the engine (1uz-fe) engine start. as my email add...