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    Winter Tires

    What are the best winter tires that can be considered for an IS250? I am checking the options on 4wheelonline for ideas. I was puzzled by a wide variety of products.
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    Lexus LS 400 Lower bushings shock absorbers front and rear

    Where did you get this part? It's been months since you created this thread.
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    Project Thread First Build - 1993 SC4 1UZ

    I don't need an ECU, but this video is indeed informative.
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    Parts 1994 LS400 Transmision, torque converter, flexplate

    Try to create an ad on other websites as well for a wider audience in case this part is still up for sale.
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    LS400 accidental 24 volts

    Will it be best to contact a car mechanic then? If you don't have the knowledge to fix the issue then you will have hard time fixing the problem.
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    Wheel and Tire Upgrade

    Can someone please help me figure out which wheel and tire packages to consider for my IS 250? I need a new set of all-season tires, I have no issue with Pirelli P Zero, but I want to try something new. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    I need help finding an alternator

    Have you tried to check the classified ads all over the internet?
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    Alternator troubles in my 1991 LS400

    Have you managed to solve this issue?
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    Dashboard installation (covers under steering wheel) help needed please.

    Have you managed to find the diagram to fix this issue?
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    2UZ plastic intake successfully installed on GS400

    I still find this video/thread informative despite the fact that it's old.
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    Wanted 94 ECU sc400 needed no. 89661-24231

    Will it be best to create a new thread for this query since it's an old thread?
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    2007 Lexus is250 won’t start

    Have you managed to fix it?
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    Ford Mustang Wheels

    They are perfect partners then since they both have the right amount of knowledge when it comes to cars.
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    What is the main kit, part or mod you need that isn't available?

    It is getting tough to find some parts nowadays. Are China-made auto parts worth it? I am asking this out of curiosity.
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    Running issue

    It's been a month have you managed to fix this issue? Where did the problem come from?
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    Where are you located?

    Thank you, attached is a photo of my Lexus for your reference.
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    Where are you located?

    I am the latest addition to this community and I'm from Modesto, California.