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    Individual Throttle Bodies for FI

    Ring Kerry Mitchell on 0417 516 997. He is also in Melbourne Australia and just happens to have a full set of throttle bodies and trumpets surplus to his requirements. Obviously you will need to manufacture your own plenum chamber to encase them but the hard work's already done.
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    Sick Aussie member seeks US friend for fun, possible business relationship

    Seriously sick puppy from Australia with plans to fit a 3UZ-FE into his anaemic Lexus IS200 (IS300 on valium) seeks automotively passionate, trustworthy, knowledgeable club member (or friend of club member), with extensive experience buying salvage wrecks from IAAI, Salvage Direct or similar, to...
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    3uz twin turbo

    Down under TT 1UZ in GT4 Celica (Slow to load, but definitely worth it)
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    UZ torque in boat application

    From previous threads I note the standard torque of the 1UZ motor can be an issue in marine applications, leading some to go down the supercharger path. For what it's worth, I was recently shown dyno graphs for a 1UZ-FE engine before and after the standard plenum chamber was replaced by...
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    HELP - Need Lexus GS/LS/SC 430 front cut

    Just in case you missed my ad in the classifieds, I am urgently seeking a complete 2001 onwards GS430 / LS430 / SC430 front cut as a transplant donor for an IS200 to IS430 conversion. No panels or suspension required but must have complete dash, including in place steering wheel and spiral cable...