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    1UZFE boat not starting-Sideshow

    Thanks heaps Sideshow! Turned out to be a corroded terminal going to the main power lead of your loom setup. The wire had actually corroded 1 cm past the insulation. Boat starts first time without fuss now.
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    1UZFE boat not starting-Sideshow

    installed new ign barrel was ok for a few starts however the problem returned. What is the best way to test the starter on the 1UZFE will crank the engine ok without having to pull it out? Is there a way just to jump start the starter directly with cabling to the battery?
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    1UZFE boat not starting-Sideshow

    other earth didnt help got uder the dash of the boat something is loose under there...looks like ignition barrell is causing erratic connection. I have sourced another one already will install tomorrow. Im hoping an unstable ignition contact could cause this.
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    1UZFE boat not starting-Sideshow

    thanks sideshow and gloverman for your quick responses. I will go and put in another earth and see what the result is and let you know! Both of you mentioned bad earth so hopefully its as simple as that.
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    Please help! Car can't run over 4000rpm.

    I had the same was one of the coils making it lose 4 cyls.
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    1UZFE boat not starting-Sideshow

    Hey guys this is a message for Sideshow as he did the wiring conversion on my 1UZ boat, but I will put it out there for all for future reference. Everything was working perfectly on the boat and was extremely reliable, I had to replace the steering ram so had to take all the cowling out and...
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    Cars 1UZFE powered Sea Ray Boat for sale

    Hi thanks for looking at my SeaRay. This boat comes packed with features and will suit your family fun on the water for many years. Features include : Approx 300hp Toyota/Lexus 1UZFE Quad Cam Fuel Efficient all-alloy V8 with Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition. Mercruiser Alpha One...
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    Project LexRay :Lexus 1UZFE onto an Alpha 1 Sterndrive

    Hi theo please goto they do good work cost $3000 AUD including shipping and yes you can get them with the O2 sensor ports to plug in the standard O2 sensors off the standard manifolds. I bought mine to take the O2 sensors but I dont use them the engine...
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    External fuel pump ideas?

    I run a bosch 044 fuel pump for my 1UZFE using standard pressure regulators which are already on the fuel rail. Also use Sideshows tacho relay which primes the fuel lines on ignition for 2 secs. It then runs the pump continuously above 200rpm. Never had fuel surge or stavation and run the boat...
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    ECU problem??? or something else?

    i had very similar issue to this on my boat a few weeks ago. turned out to be a coil . pick up a good secondhand unit and try swapping one at a time. also the coil didnt present itself instantly it gradually went off. It was like i had sour or dirty or water in the fuel to start with, engine was...
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    1UZFE into 300zx

    nice to have a 300zx making all the right noises now. great GT car now with the right engine to match. Although the VG30 was a "good" emotion to it though.
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    I need a new project

    here is a BT19 1UZ with ITBs and an Audi 06e transaxle should do the job
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    I need a new project

    Rod a classic formula 1 replica like this brabham will be my next 1UZ project.....
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    Running fuel pump without fuel pump computer

    Go for sideshows tachometric relay. works well and works everytime. I use a bosch 044 pump and usually run the motor in a boat at 3/4 - WOT all the time. Never misses a beat. The inital 2 secs builds pressure before start and good to hear the pump working before you turn the engine over. Engine...
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    Parts 1UZ to Mercruiser Fitting Kit.

    oh this will do both alpha and bravo mercruisers.....
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    Parts 1UZ to Mercruiser Fitting Kit.

    Hey guys, After my successful install of the 1uz into my Searay with a mercruiser I have a spare adaptor kit for those interested. It includes bellhousing, 17 spline mercruiser coupler, 2 driveshafts, 1 x bravo and 1 x alpha, and coupler adapter to bolt it straight to 1UZ crankshaft with...
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    fitting a 1uzfe to a skiboat

    Noddy im running my 1uz on an alpha leg and no flywheel. Idles fine, slips into gear just fineActual engaging gear is now way better that the old 3.0 litre chev with the 10kg flywheel. Dont need to use the interruptor switch either. Engages and disengages fine. I have a full 1UZ to Mercruiser...
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    Hello to all of you

    Hi Joel, The last time I spoke to you on the phone you just had your work injury....Im glad things are on the up. You were my greatest single inspiration for getting my 1UZ into my boat and I thank you for the time you spent with me both on this forum and also on the phone. Hope you do get...
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    Project LexRay :Lexus 1UZFE onto an Alpha 1 Sterndrive

    sorry forgot to include the URL in the last post:-
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    Project LexRay :Lexus 1UZFE onto an Alpha 1 Sterndrive

    Here is a quick video of the boat taking off with the kids on the tube .