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    797,000 km's on a 1996 LS400

    I have no shadow of a doubt that it will probably go on to do 1,000,000 kays, provided it is serviced regularly (and properly).
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    Forward Facing Factory Exhaust Manifolds for turbo... Feasable?

    Thank you for the feedback guys! I think there are pro's and cons to both options, however for this application, and the end result i want to achieve, the factory manifold wont be ideal, but as 4000GT said, it certainly is easier and the opportunity cost of that money is considerable. Does...
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    LX470 with TRD S/C: K&N FIPK kit?

    Good luck with it Crushu, where abouts are you based? 200KW should almost smoke all 4 off the line, easy as, will be very very impressive!
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    LX470 with TRD S/C: K&N FIPK kit?

    Yeah, a little pre-filter would be good, K&N's also get dirtier quicker than the factory paper filter, being oil based. What ECU are you running? 185kw @ all 4 is bloody impressive, must equate to at least 250-270 flywheel kw. Whats the limits of the 2UZ rods, i know they arent quite as beefy...
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    1uzfe into BJ70

    No worries, cheers Freeman. How tough is the H55? Im using an R150 on mine. Edit: LT10, very nice. I'd be interested to know if you're using factory coils and ignition system, also injectors and any internal mods?
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    Forward Facing Factory Exhaust Manifolds for turbo... Feasable?

    Yeah i know what you're saying Zuffen and, very until recently, i was concrete on making a manifold, however it is awfully convenient that the factory exhaust manifolds can be interchanged. I am told the SC400 manifold is the better flowing manifold of the bunch too. Either way, doesnt look...
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    LX470 with TRD S/C: K&N FIPK kit?

    Sounds like a mean machine, good work! There is a rig in QLD known as 2 RUDE, a black V8 100 series with a top mount blower, it is a torque-steering weapon! This truck runs a Safari snorkel, hardly a perfomance mod, but does supply the motor with cold air, even if it has to negotiate the...
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    1UZ into Jeep XJ Cherokee??

    True story, at least the jeep driveline should hold up fine on a stock 1uz, the 4L six in the XJ is a torquey donk. You'd have to get an "Its a Toyota Thing" sticker! Ha!
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    Forward Facing Factory Exhaust Manifolds for turbo... Feasable?

    G'day guys! Im interested in seeing if anyone on here has used their stock exhaust manifolds, swapped over to face forwards, for a turbo setup? In my situation, this option is looking quite feasable, as the engine will be in a Landcruiser (bucketloads of room to play with), wont be running...
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    1UZ into Jeep XJ Cherokee??

    Every time i look at a Cherokee or a TJ, i think exactly that. Only problem with putting a Tojo motor in a Jeep is... everything else is still Jeep! Haha, they're not bad, i've got a softish spot for them. At least you know when i Jeep is out of oil... it stops leaking!
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    1uzfe into BJ70

    Mate, its so hot!! Freeman, what box are you running in this thing? What ECU? Such a beast!
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    The Fish V2

    Mmm, thats some good looking fish. Good for you too, full of iron. Unfortunately, thanks to the 1UZ and this website, i cant afford to eat fish. As a result, i'll eat the stuff real brackets are made from. Cardboard. Mmm, cardboard. So structural, yet so tasty.
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    Project Thread 95 sc400 big single holset turbo

    What Holset bits are you running on your hybrid? Compressor/exhaust specs etc?
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    Turbo manifold

    Thats flash! Turbonetics = Compressed Sex! What's the motor got in it? What ECU, fuel and ignition system are you running? All the best!
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    Happy Birthday David

    40th is a big-one mate, all the best! Time for a midlife crisis! Im thinking sports car. Im thinking something light and powerful. Hmm, what motor would you use? :chairshot:
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    Gas Prices

    Here in Australia, the government has offered a rebate for LPG installation, something like AU$1000, which is not too bad, still a big outlay though. How do aftermarket computers like LPG? I've never even thought about it...
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    Why yes, I can...

    Recon you could knock me up a turbo manifold using aluminium foil?:tapedshut: Im trying to save weight, y'see
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    Auxillary Injectors using aftermarket ECU

    G'day ladies and gents! Has anyone set up secondary injectors on their 1UZ that are controlled by the ECU to come in @ a predetermined boost pressure? I have run this setup on another vehicle through a Microtech LT8 and am looking at a similar setup on a twin turbo 1UZ powered Landcruiser...
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    GT8 flyby

    Just watched the Youtube footage for the first time, mate that thing kicks arse! Awesome build too, very well done! Why have a 3sgte, when you can have two eh?! -Dan
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    my 1uz hilux might be up for sale in afew months

    I'll bet it does a skid! Good luck with the sale!