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  • Hi mr hypronet.. your opinion...what grade oil would you use in the 1UZ VVTi (1998)?
    BTW.. I finally have all the pieces to get my crash repair underway... its taken 10 months!!! 1000 phone calls and emails....I got a really good bonnet, grille and L/H guard in Sydney..$1,100 and the nose cut from Brisbane $900 inc freight and I'm just negotiating from USA a HID headlight with self leveling.. $100 maybe... i've been driving my girlfriends peugeot 307 :(.... god i miss my Lex....
    So, the LS will be on the road soon..... :)
    hi hypronet.... i can't remember if ive asked you but do think a strut bar is worth making ?...... (as i'm into making stuff... i love just making 'stuff'... firstly things that work, but secondly, engineered things that look shmick !!)
    Hi, I think I was looking at an tested a jza80 on my ls400 put wonted fit due to my setup (supercharge v8).
    There be a market for them as they allow air an coil over for frontends so why not?
    Well... i spent all weekend looking up part numbers.. I found this great site called toyodiy.com (tip.. when looking for something, type this into a google seach..
    eg: 1996 Supra JZA80 toyodiy.com ..and the look for toyodiy.com in the address of the examples......
    I sused out the diff part numbers for all the Supra's, UCF10's and UCF20's, UCF30's, Chaser's, Soarer's, GS's, SC's, Aristo's.and V8 Crown's
    O.M.G !!!!
    Ive got part numbers comming out of my !@%^$ ears !!!!!!!!!! :(
    I have nine A4 pages of numbers.... i recorded diff case (open or LSD), side shaft, which is the stub axle coming out of the side of the diff which is different for open or LSD, companion flange (what the tailshaft atatches to), and final drive (ratio) part numbers...........
    Its gunna take me a few days to digest all these numbers and decide what fits what......
    Hi, have sorry not been online for long time.
    Supra, soarer an celicas where made on the same production line till late 90's so a lot of them are interchangeable.
    I'm sure it's 97 ls400 became interchangeable with soarer when lexus setup it's own new production line while earlier ls400 had selected options
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