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Good day,
First of all, thank you for helping us.
I have fitted an 1uz vvti 5spd autobox with spitronics prewired management system, now that im done it doesn’t shif gear while driving..any ideas of how to find the reason for this?
are we still able to order LEVY torque converter? i want to install 1UZ into GMc Safari
Hey Blizz, I'm not aware that "any" of the old Lextreme parts that David Phan was selling are still available. The site's new owner has been thinking "maybe" to get back into the parts business but so far has not made a decision, AFAIK.
hello tony. geof coley, i bought the cobra. still running great. recently the overdrive doesnt seem to work ( button doesnt light up or do anything )
is there a fuse or relay for it under the dash that you remember. also can you remember what the maximum speed you managed to get it upto.
thanks in advance
I am making 2ur engine to 370z