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hello tony. geof coley, i bought the cobra. still running great. recently the overdrive doesnt seem to work ( button doesnt light up or do anything )
is there a fuse or relay for it under the dash that you remember. also can you remember what the maximum speed you managed to get it upto.
thanks in advance
Hi Kelvin. (not sure if this is the right way to "pm" you, but here goes.
Re my post about the Crown AFM problems, the one on the car is a Toyota (FUJI) 22204-42010 . Would you have one for sale? (I like to throw business towards helpful people).
Also, do you know the difference between a 22204-42010 and a22204-42011? These seem plentiful.
Thanks mate,
Jeff. (361UZ)
Easy. The last number on Toyota part numbers is increased as parts superceded. So when Toyota update a part the last digit increases so the 010 and 011 interchange. Im getting low but if you get stuck could help you out but it you can get a 011 locally to you grab them, and a spare
Thanks mate. I really appreciate that.
If I do go from you, would you have new stock, or a used one (presumably tested). And what would you charge?
From my thread, I really cant see hoe they would fail in the way mine has, unless the internal guts get stiff or less sensitive.
Hi. I saw in your post that you have a crown majesta ecu. Is it 89661-3F170. Because i cant seem to find any ecu pinout diagrams for this ecu. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Jaco