Wiring Diagram for 1996 LS400 wanted


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I am building a mid 50's chevy pickup truck with a LS400 motor, gearbox, cruise and instrument cluster, all from a UK pec. car.
I have a complete wiring diagram for a '94 LS400, but there is very little tie up between the wire colours and connector arrangements.
Can any of you good people provide me with the wiring diagrams for a UK spec '96 LS400, or tell me where I can get the data?
Does anyone know if the UK spec is the same as other parts of the world?
I have seen a Lexus factory '96 wiring book for sale on US EBay, at a rather expensive price, but I don't know if it will be the same as mine..
Thanks in anticipation.


Have you asked Lexus head office. They should be able to supply you a wiring diagram specific to your Vin number , Although they will probably charge. We did this some years ago and we were charged relatively peanuits per printed sheet. If you could work out just what circuit information is required a phone call to their technical help may well be useful.




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I have sets which I sell along with instructions on how to wire. Wire colours alter between years but most pins stay the same for similar ECU's regardless of the Market. 1994 is the year the LS400 changed from the 10 series to the 20 series in most markets so you need to watch this. Most data shows the 9th month as the changeover period but this is production not when it's first sold.


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Thanks for your advice, but I managed to get the data I wanted from Mitchell 1 in the States. It cost me $19 for 1 months subscription for those who are interested.