Warning: Do not buy parts from EBay seller

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IMG_2695.PNG Hello,

I have a 2001 Lexus RX300 that started to get a check engine rich code. Through research I found the sensor that needed replacement. I usually work on my cars myself and for the most part it works out. I wanted to go with a new OEM Denso Air fuel sensor and found one for a great price; about $55. This was at least $30 cheaper than the next most expensive one for sale.

I bought from EBay member Cool-Angel (Tom), from Hong Kong. I should've never trusted but he had great reviews so I went ahead with it. I made sure that the ad indicated the exact sensor I needed. The part came quick and it was a 10min install. I reset the CEL with my scan tool and started it up. Perfect! I let it run for about 5min. No issues. Later that night I went grocery shopping with my son and out of no where the truck goes into limp mod with flashing CEL and VSC. I was less than 1mile away so I figured I could limp home. Suddenly there was a loud pop. I immediately pulled over and turned the truck off. No issues under the hood but when I looked underneath the exhaust manifold area was cherry red blistering hot! I right away thought my cats just got fried from that stupid part. Leading up to that point before installing the new air fuel sensor the truck drove fine, just ate a bit more gas and had one CEL code; bank 1 rich.

I had it towed to my mechanic. The next day they told me that the sensor I installed was either no good or no made for the truck. He replaced that sensor with a brand new Denso one (from dealer) as well as bank 2 since he said that was bad as well. No more CEL and truck has been running great since. So, had I received the proper working part initially the worst that could've happened was the rich code would've stayed on indicating the other bank needs replacement as well. So, my mechanic bill was $700 for diagnostics, the 2 sensors, labor and tax.

I mentioned this to the seller and after several emails he finally sent me a return receipt where I sent his bad sensor back to him. He refunded the $55 back to me which would be obvious to me or I would simply dispute the charge but I indicated he has some responsibility in this. I wouldn't have incurred this large cost if I would've received the right part the first time around. He is not acknowledging any responsibility and has rejected my request for some monetary reimbursement; even $100. It's the principle of it.

So I vowed to leave negative feedback and tell my story wherever I can so that others don't have issues like I did. You could roll the dice, take a chance and it might work out but this is a warning about this seller.

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Nick, condolences for the issues you've encountered, but I'd say you did well just getting a refund from the seller. We all know that buying parts from the internet is a dodgy proposition, and I think most of us who have been tinkering with cars for awhile have been burnt a time or two.

Anyway, thanks for telling your story, and for the heads up on this seller.

BTW, how do you like your AEM FIC? Are you running it in piggyback mode to control a 2nd set of injectors, or ????