V8 Supra MK3 1UZ Twin Turbo from Germany


Hey folks,

some of you already know me from the dyno thread a few weeks ago.

I’m Alex from germany and I did a Supra MK3 1UZTT swap over the last two years.
I think some of you are interested in this swap and I’m glad to tell you my story and to show you some pics of it.
The base of this project was a ‘87 MK3 which I got from a friend of mine. There are not much mods out side the car. It need a paint job, new wheels, coilovers and so on. But the appearance of the car is secondary at the moment. It’s a sleeper car and I like to see the amazed faces of the Porsche and Mercedes AMG driver (who spent 100k and more Euros for their cars) after they lost a race on our german autobahn. ;)
Well, actually I planed to do a 2JZ-GTE swap but by accident I visit the Lextreme-Forum and I was infected with the UZ engines in about one minute. Please don’t hold this against me but I’m not a friend of natural aspirating engines. So after I decided to take the 1UZ-FE it was a plain sailing that two turbos will “help” the engine. ;)
David was one of the first I asked where to get a 1UZ and he helped me. Not only with the engine but also with aftermarket parts for the UZ like pistons, rods etc. At this point I have to say many thanks to David for the parts and support and Gazi Ali who sold me the engine! I shouldn’t miss TITAN Motorsports at this point, too. Especially Eric who supplied me with a lot of parts I needed like the turbos, AEM EMS etc... Steffen fromJust-Solutions, Buschurracing Germany (who is a good friend of mine, now) helped me with the AEM EMS and other technical questions whenever I had a problem. Many many thanks, Steffen!
Not forgetting Jürgen (the previous owner of the Supra) who helped me every time if I need a helping hand and all the other friends like Bajo how helped me . ;) Many thanks guys!

Before I post some pics of the swap I would like to tell you the main specs of the engine:

- 1UZ with Ross Pistons CR 8.5 (ceramic and teflon coated)
- H-Beam rods with L19 ARP Bolts
- Stock crankshaft; fine balanced
- ARP Head,- Main Stuts
- ARP Flywheel Bolts
- ACL Bearings
- Stock Heads and Intake (except valve springs; 2JZ-GTE valve springs)
- 550cc RC Injectors
- Stock fuel rails
- Fuelab FPR
- Walbro Fuel Pump (255 L/h)
- TIAL Q 50mm BOV
- Custom Manifolds (mild steel) T28
- 2x GT2871R turbos (int. Wastegate), .56 Trim; A/R .86 exh.
- Custom Turboback Exhaust (3,5")
- 100cpi catalysator
- R154 Tranny with 1UZ Bellhousing and custom adapter
- 2JZ-GTE HKS Twin-Plate Clutch (custom hub that fit the R154 input shaft, 1UZ starter ring)
- Fluidyne radiator
- Custom Intercooler (“Bell Intercooler” Core 27.5"x12"x4.5")
- Intercooler Piping: Turbos to IC: 60mm; From IC to TB: 90mm
- Custom oil cooler
- AEM EMS (1900’s universal)
- MSD Blaster SS Coils (8207)
- Custom Plug Connectors
- Spark Plugs: NGK BKR8EIX
- K-Type EGT Sensors / each cylinder / each Turbo
- AEM K-Type AMP

2010 I will upgrade my fuel system with 1200cc RC peak&hold injectors, custom fuel rails and additional fuel pump (SX Performance 18201). Then I will switch to E85 fuel and I will turn up the boost to 1.5 – 1.8 bar. Hope the tranny will forgive me! ;)

I will update this thread with pics from time to time, because there are many pictures I would like to show you.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.



Here are some pics:

I got the engine from Gazi Ali in june 2007:

The base: MK3 with 7M-GTE

7M has to be gone

Love at first sight :)
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Bellhousing adapter

Here are some pics of the custom bellhousing adapter

After milling

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HKS Flywheel

And some pics of the modified HKS (Twin Plate Clutch) flywheel from the 2JZ-GTE.
Because of the larger bolt pattern of the 1UZ crank, I milled the holes a little bit (so about 1mm).

Preparing the HKS flywheel for the 1UZ starter-ring

HKS flywheel with 1UZ starter ring
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....Speedy, looking forward to more pictures !
By the way: I live in Amsterdam...so when my 1UZ single turbo LS is finished we could meet...either I drive up to Oldenburg, or i invite you to come to Haarlem and see Arnouts shop....would be fun !


Hey Fasteddie!
Yeah, that sounds good. I think we will come to Haarlem to visit Arnouts shop (and you, of course!). I just checked the distance and it's about 300km. So that shouldn't be a problem.
Keep in touch!
Good luck with your project, Fasteddie!



HKS Clutch

Hey folks,
today I will post some pics of the clutch.

The new center hub at the lathe

HKS center hub (rhs) for the 2JZ (V160 tranny) with the discs and the custom center hub blank on the left side

Drilling some holes in the center hub to reduce weight at the milling machine
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HKS Clutch

Custom center hub

Custom center hub (hardened) and discs with new gearing

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Looking good Speeedy! Can't wait to see pics of the twins installed on the engine. I've had my 1UZ Supra (MkIII) swap finished for almost two years now and have been considering a setup like this but other projects are currently taking priority. Maybe I will start it next year although I need to get a whole other engine to build on the stand for those types of numbers you're listing. For the one in the car, I'll just have to set it up for 6-10psi so I can have a little fun while building the other engine.


Hey Milisakeracing!

Thank you for the feedback!
I will post the pics where you can see the turbos installed in the next days. Check out this thread from time to time.
I highly recommend this twin turbo setup with the GT2871R. The spool up is very good and they produce enough air for some big rwhp.
6-10psi is a good starting point and I'm sure you will like it, but over 1 bar the "real" fun starts, believe me. :D ...as the saying goes..."Live begins at 20 pounds of boost" ;)



Exhaust manifolds


Today I will post some pics of the custom exhaust manifolds.

First there was an idea how they could look like

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Custom Exhaust Manifolds

Left side manifold first:
At first I cut a pipe in two halves and fit the runners between the flange and the pipe

Then drilling and cutting the holes; after that -> inside-welding

Then weld on the cap
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