V8 Supra MK3 1UZ Twin Turbo from Germany - Part II


Hey guys,

I just checked when I updated my build up thread last time. It’s over three years ago. OMG! So it’s time to tell you what’s going on with my MKIII 1UZ twin turbo project.
I’ve done a lot of work, rebuild the block, changed parts and things, build custom parts and so on. I’ve done tons of pictures and some of them I’m happy to share with you.
So, where to start?
Let’s start at the end of the life of one Cometic MLS head gasket in 2010 @ 1.3bar of boost on E85 fuel. I’m not realy sure why it’s blown, but I’ve done a few changes when I rebuild the engine to prevent this. After taking off the heads I decided to rebuild the engine with another head gasket, thicker head bolts, thicker block sleeves and modified heads with bigger valves and cams.

But at first an overview of the engine specs and parts...(fat letters = changed or modified parts)

Power/Torque (@ the crank) @ boost

590hp; 774Nm @ 0.9bar
682hp; 884Nm @ 1.3bar
739hp; 958Nm @ 1.5bar

Dyno sheets here:


- 1UZ block with custom sleeves (4mm wall thickness) with oil nozzles for piston cooling
- custom CP Pistons CR 8.5, 88.25mm bore size (teflon coated)
- H-Beam rods with L19 ARP Bolts
- Stock crankshaft; fine balanced
- ATI crank pulley (2JZ)
- ARP Head studs 12mm (4cyl. Ford Pinto)
- ARP Flywheel Bolts
- ACL Bearings
- custom head gaskets, self made Cometic MLS PHUZION
- modifed heads
- Kelford 264° N/A cams
- oversized Ferrea 2JZ valves, IN 34.60mm/EX 30.00mm, modified stem length
- shimless buckets (Toyota Prius)
- stock intake
- 1200cc P&H RC Injectors
- Stock fuel rails
- Fuelab FPR
- Walbro 485L/h Fuel Pumps (2)
- TIAL Q 50mm BOV
- Custom Manifolds (mild steel) T28
- 2x GT2871R turbos (int. Wastegate), .56 Trim; A/R .86 exh.
- Custom Turboback Exhaust (3,5")
- 100cpi catalysator
- R154 Tranny with 1UZ Bellhousing and custom adapter
- 2JZ-GTE HKS GD PRO custom QUAD DISC Clutch (custom hub that fit the R154 input shaft, 1UZ starter ring)
- custom copper/brass radiator
- Custom Intercooler (“Bell Intercooler” Core 27.5"x12"x4.5")
- Intercooler Piping: Turbos to IC: 60mm; From IC to TB: 90mm
- Mocal oil cooler (only for testing)
- AEM EMS (1900’s universal)
- MSD Blaster SS Coils (8207)
- Custom Plug Connectors
- Spark Plugs: NGK BKR8EIX
- K-Type EGT Sensors / each cylinder / each Turbo
- AEM K-Type AMP

Car Specs:
- ’89 Supra MKIII Turbo
- K-Sport Coilover Kit
- Work Wheels Rezax Universal 9.5 & 11x19"
- 235/35R19 front / 305/30R19 rear

The engine performs very strong now on ROZ100 octane fuel. After remapping we are running leaner and with a bit advanced ignition timing. It’s a tourque monster and there is no traction till fourth gear on 305/30 R19 wheels @ 1.5bar of boost. Ok, the tires are old and I think with semis there should be traction in fourth gear (maybe in third, too). But then I’m not sure if the R154 tranny would be still on life. Haha...!

I did some testing with a custom short runner intake manifold. But it seems, that the runner was too short and the engine performed like an old horse without any punch. A lot of work and at the end of the day...bad results. The fuel map was very flat all the time till 6000 rpm. Maybe at 10000rpm or higher this intake would show some higher numbers. I will do some more testing with different intakes, maybe in 2015...

I would like to do some testing with E85 and higher boost levels too.

But before increasing the boost, I think I have to change the transmission. Tremec T56 Magnum is, what I want to buy...


Block without sleeves, bored to the new sleeve bore size

Old and new sleeve...

new sleeve after machining... 4mm wall thickness



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Alex, wow, what a monster! Have you had any combustion/coolant/oil leakage issues with the new sleeves and setup?

I think you may be the first one who has (successfully) resleeved the 1UZ. David (Lextreme) tried it, but I don't think his builder was up to the task.

What is the new bore and the overall displacement of the engine?

Great work, and thanks for updating us!


Hey John!

Nice to hear from you!
What I can say for sure, combustion/coolant is perfect sealed. Block and head surfaces were machined perfectly. But I have a little bit oil in the coolant. I'm not sure where it comes from. Maybe the custom head gasket is the problem. I want to clean the coolant system again and will see what happen... Let you know on this...

New bore size is 88.25mm. So it's still around 4000ccm...


New custom CP pistons for a bore size of 88.25mm with H-beam rods...

machined piston for oil squirter clearance



Head gaskets
After a broken head gasket, I did some research what head gasket I could use for my new engine. I used a Cometic 1.3mm gaskets with my first engine. Today I'm very sure that this MLS gasket would work fine too if the surface of block and head are machined. But I wanted to do something different things. I heared about O-ringed engines but I don't want to machine my head or block with a groove. Cometic gave me the answer...with there PHUZION head gasket system which combined a 1.3mm MLS head gasket with a gas filled O-ring. Perfect! But Cometic do not sell that gasket system for the 1UZ. I asked Cometic, if they could do a PHUZION system for the 1UZ...And yes, they can. BUT for about $8000.:eek:
I never talked to them again. But the idea was born and I bought a PHUZION system for a Nissan SR20DET to do some measurements. The bore size of this MLS gasket is a little bit bigger than the cometic gasket for our 1UZ. (I don't know the exact dimensions now) The question: how to machine the head gasket to fit the gas filled o-rings? The answer: with a CNC milling machine.
I build a device for the CNC milling machine where I chuck the head gasket. I did a test with an old gasket and I was happy with the result.
You can get these gas filled O-rings seperate. So I ordered a set of (8). I talked to a representetive of GARLOCK, the manufacture of the O-rings here in germany, and he told me that they use this O-rings in furmula 1 teams too. If they use it in formula 1 engines, it can't be that bad... ;)

Cometic Phuzion head gasket for Nissan SR20DET

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Here are some pics of the "making of" and the assambly...

Head gasket and new 12mm ARP head stuts (Ford Pinto)

1.3mm MLS head gasket with gads filled O-ring



The new 12mm ARP head stuts are a little bit shorter than the 10mm I got from David. So I had to machine the heads a little bit...



Long block...

First look at the (bad) short runner intake
90mm throttle body
...and (2JZ) ATI crank pulley...



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Alex, interestingly, I'm in the process of resleeving my Ferrari block also. I chose to go with a Darton MID type setup, and the block will be machined by the designer of these MID sleeves, Steve Demirjian of Race Engine Development.

My original bores were 88mm, and with the Darton sleeves, they'll now be 92.5, possibly 93.0, and the displacement will go from 5.50 to 6.10 liters.

Great to see your build!


Wow John,
that sounds awesome. A +600ccm is crazy! Is it a V12 engine? Darton is a good choice. I like them...
We used sleeves for a Peugot disesel engine. They are cheap... My goal was to build a stronger block, not more displacement. ;)