V8 Cressida


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itsnothardu just have to run a signal cnverter and run the correct signal to the abs ecu

when u fit the soarer 1uz auto box u loose the abs sensor that is on the cressida gbox

so u just have to find a way to replicate that

ihave signalconverters but they are 200 bucks and i dont know yet what specs it needs to be set at since i havnt done one yet

but in theory its not hard


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Yeah I've come across your site before, very helpful.
And in regards to emailing you any questions, I don't have a clue what your emial is, or where to find it :p


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email sent? really? because i didnt get any emails... I think the forums email thing doesnt work (if thats what you did).
anyway, Im not paranoid about keeping my email a secret, so if you want, you can contact me at melon_man_grr@hotmail.com
either email, or msn.


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It wound up here because there was a discussion on wiring earlier in the thread. No problem to move it back, however.

Is this going to be your main project thread?


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Okay major(ish) update!
I have pulled out the lemon, and mock fitted the v8 for mounts and too check clearences.
Mounts are easy.
I think I can get away with modifying the right manifold and then just paying for a cat-back system.
I have ordered a landcruiser 100series oil filter housing, but toyota said they gotta bring one over from japan. For 80 bucks, I couldn't be bothered searching elsewhere, so I'll wait for that.
I have swapped the output shafts and extension housings between the a340 and a341. So tailshaft is solved, and ABS is solved.
I have begun replacing the usual service items, biggest one left is timing belt.
My biggest gremlin now is, wiring (dum dum dum)

I tried to ghetto rig it, but I think before I bugger something up, I better just pull off the intake and trace every wire and do it propper. Haven't really found any diagrams or pinouts or anything, and my mate just so thoughtfulling put a virus on my PC (grr) so it's running slow as ****.

Any help with wiring from anyone would be awesome!

Thanks, Daniel.


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did u change the rear sensors from the cressida auto box to the 1uz box?

u might run into probs with the 1uz rear speed sensor for the ecu

cressida has 32 pulses

1uz has 4

u basically need the 32 pulses for the abs ecu for cressida

but then u need 4 pulses for the enigne /auto ecu

so u need a signal converter if this is what u have done


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Yep. I just realised that ):

Well I have now got the cressida stuff on the extension housing. So that means I need a converter to
Output a signal every 8 pulses to satisfy the ECU.

So I'm at a loss there, will need to research. ):


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Hey guys, I currently own a MX83 Cressida (1992, late model) and it has already (since jan this year) destroyed one engine, and its quickly working on its second... I am of course, speaking in terms of BHG ):
But I plan to end it's shenanigans! And I intend to do that by administering a nice 1UZ in it. :p
I've got myself, a SC400 1uz, auto, ecu, blah blah blah.
I think the car it was from was a 1996 model... so smaller rods ): but oh well.

This will be my first swap, and I am gathering as much information as possible before I start it. So far I've figured out the following:
- Sump.
The Soarers were the only 1uz's with rear sumps... And unfortunately, I need a front sump. I have found a front sump, so for anyone interested, I have a rear sump setup for sale. :p
- Engine mounts.
This is the only part I am truely still lost about. I'm thinking about doing it shonky and all... but I would prefer to have proper custom ones made... I just don't know if it's going to be worth the money.
- Exhaust Manifold.
The drivers side hits the steering column, so I am going to go all out and just get custom extractors made up. Will cost an arm and a leg, but I think it's alright, I can think of it as being all the money I saved on other areas.
- Tail Shaft.
From quick inspections, it looks like I can just keep the rubber donut, and replace the front section of the stock 2 piece tail shaft in the MX83 with the front section of the soarer's shaft. They appear to be exactly the same length, if not, damn close to it.
- Oil Filter.
The Oil Filter Housing is right where the sway bar is, I am thinking I could either get a housing from an LS400 or crown, or get a relocation kit. I guess whichever is cheaper will be my choice.

I have a few questions though.
- The late model Cressida's use an electonic speed sensor. What do the soarers have? (I really don't know much about this stuff...)
- My car has ABS... Will I need to rip that out? or is it possible to maintain ABS with the soarer tranny?
- I don't actually have a SC400 AFM, I have an LS400 AFM. Are they the same?
- Transmissions. The cressida has the A340E, and (I think) the tranny with the 1UZ is a A341E. Physically, are they pretty similar? and is the shifter much the same? Just by looking at them, they seem to be hunky dory, but I haven't actually had them side by side to know 100%.
- Brake booster. Will it clear? I haven't really researched this... just sorta, was gonna cross my fingers with it. :p

Currently the car isnt anything special... Duct taped and siliconed a pod filter on it, but otherwise, its a boat.
Would I be correct in assuming that the lighter v8 will help understeer and general handling, thanks to the fact its more "back heavy" and lighter than the 7M (lemon M). Because in stock form... Cressidas love to understeer...

I also plan on painting it black, swapping the tail lights for wider early model tail lights, some decent rims, nothing ridiculous (16/17s would be good) and tinting the windows.
The plan is for a nice cruiser, not enourmous power, but plenty if you need it.

Pictures to come when I get a free moment.
what year of ls did you get your front sump from? i have the same thing going on