uzx73 + a few other toys


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Ok so to first start off... I currently own for pre90's toyotas hehe

green one is going to be uzx73 (86 Cressida) (this is the first day got it.)

haha then the next day

rear stance

So i have a wrecked sc400, i'll be swapping all the shit over to this car.
Engine, some interior, and hardest of all the Rear End. Also will be going 5spd.
Car currently sits with, low mile 5mge, converted 5spd, and OEM lsd.

1uzfe / w58 5spd
uzz30 rear end w/ welded or LSD
SerialNine Coilovers
Full 5lug Conversion

So now for more of my other toys:
My 2jz Single Turbo jzx83 (89 Cressida)

My soon to be other 2jz jzx73 (85 Cressida) (after 1uz swap is done)


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just saw your thread. you should talk to 1uzmx73 on supramania. He's wired up a couple of the cressidas for 1uz's.


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haha yea i noticed 2 posts! yea so i think i'm going to just go with your kit, except for lines i'm doing myself.

so what does it all come with?


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nice hey guys im looking in to a 2jzgte wit a R154 swaped into my 91 cressida
alot of guys r telling me the to do the 1jz sawp
but i want the 2jz swap wuts the differnece ?
2jz has more power im guesing its a harder swap?


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^ unless your going for a 650+whp build there really instant any reason for a 2jz, 1jz is much cheaper, plus the money you didnt spend on the 2jz you can go single turbo on the 1jz.