Twin Turbo 1UZ Soarer Dragcar


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I thought it was time to share my Project with the world of Lextreme from down here in Christchurch New Zealand.

I always had a dream of building a Toyota Soarer drag car what eventuated was a lot more radical than first planned.

I had trouble acquiring a donor car to start the build with so instead with the help of a boat building friend I managed to get hold of a car I could take a Fibreglass mould off and so it began.

Once the body was built we started to plan and acquire parts and steel for the rest of it. We ended up buying a steel Docol R8 the new alternative to Chrome Moly.

9 months after the first piece of chassis was cut the car made the track for the first time.


Stock Standard 1uz long engine
Custom Box top intake manifold
Siemens 212lb/hr Injectors
Aeromotive Mech Fuel pump
Twin Biagio turbos specs unknown
Link G4 Thunder ECU
Powerglide Trans
Nine inch full floating diff

Have run a best time of 10.045 and a best MPH of 129 so far with only 3 race meeting competed and still working our way though the Tune.




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At the moment we are having a back pressure issue with turbine housings and is seeing up to 15psi under load. We are still working through the tune and have it pretty clean up till 6000rpm.