SC400 w/ Brabus Monobloc IV fitment?


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Just grabbed a nice set of Brabus Monobloc IV's replicas and need to know the widest tires I can fit with these offsets:


19x8.5'' with 35 offset


19x9.5" with 38 offset

I'm hoping to fit a 245-35 in the front and a 265-35 in the rear.


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im running a 19x8 & 19x9's. F tires 235/35 & 275/30. So with a .5" more front & rear you should be able to fit 245 front easy & 285 rear easy. That 285 probably pricey.


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Ok I found a pair of used 285-35-19's for $175 shipped with 50% tread left. If I run the 285 with my 28 offset will they still clear the inner lip w/o trimming?

This car is going to see bi-weekely track use and I figure the wider the better in the rear. Is a 255 in the front going to compromise turn in or adgility in any way? I have them on the front of my LS but it's a much longer car.

Also, i'm deabting the purchase of a tight 2-way LSD but after talking with a neighbor who has a 240 with one, i'm wondering if it's going to be too much. Like I said I plan to track this car but not as much as it's going to be driven during harsh winters so I am wondering if it's going to be worth the jump from a 1.5 way. In particular I have been considering the KAAZ 2-way.