SC400 Supercharger Bracket


Just call me "Lex"
Thanks to KCSC400 feedback. We modified the current FISH for the SC400. We trim the bracket about .41" all round and move the supercharger attaching points to another .50" So we almost have another 1" of clearance from the LS400 version. We modified this specifically for the SC400 or Soarer application. If you have an LS400 version, you are welcome to send it back for the SC400/Soarer version. Just need to pay $25 for shipping within the US and $60 for International.

Same as before:

Supercharger Bracket: $100
Zinc coating: $50
Fan Bracket: $100
Fan Pulley: $50
Bolt Kit: $30 (for mounting the bracket to the engine)
Shipping: $25 for USA, $65 International.

A La Cart......

We need 10 buyers for this special supercharger bracket price.


Just call me "Lex"
Instock.. and dont need 10 orders. I have 13 in stock for the SC400 and 2 for the LS400. If someone with GS or Tundra. I can give for free as long as they promise to install within 60 days.


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I would be more than happy to try to install one of these!!!
GS400 is what I have and I am so frustrated. I want to go FI but there is zilch right now for the GS400.


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Glad I could be of service!

I'd exchange mine but I've already made the original one fit and it's quite happy where it is. LOL.



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hey if anyone is interested I have one of these brackets/ bolt set, I don't post here much since I just got a supercharged gs400 but i'm always on Club lexus, I can be reached at or 5308487033