SC/LS auto trans into MA70?


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Quick question:

Can i simply swap the rear trans mounts from the Lexus Auto and supra auto and use the supra rear cross member with a custom driveshaft?

I have W58 but since money is tight these days, I'm looking into getting a Lexus auto for cheap and run my 92 SC400 1UZ with an auto until I get the manual conversion kit. I replaced the connecting rod bearings on my 7M but it still has rod knock on cylinder no. 2..... it runs at least but i can't drive it on the freeway or maintain higher rpms without breaking a rod in the condition its in..... its that bad. at this point i just need to drop the 1UZ into my car becuase its my only form of transportation. so my cheaper option for now is an automatic trans.


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Oh also another thing I just thought of. I have an SC400 auto bell housing. Would it be possible to swap the housing onto my supra auto and possibly use my 7M torque converter? I wonder if the imput shaft on the M gearbox is the same as the UZ gearbox. It would make my life so much easier
Couple of ways you can do it,

Swap the OD assy, front pump, rear speed sensor (and drill the hole for the front speed sensor if the UZ auto as it) and valve body from the 1UZ trans to the 7M trans this will let you run the trans off the 1UZ ecu


Take it to a transmission place ask them to swap the output shaft and extension housing to the 1UZ trans


adapt the 7M torque converter to fit the 1uz ring gear and fit the 1uz bell to the 7m trans

then use the ma70 trans controller to run the auto, will require fudging the L1 L2 and L3 signals into it...



and a custom tail shaft
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