Ross Pistons


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As part of my engine rebuild I needed new rings for my Ross Pistons purchased as part of the Lextreme Group Purchase a few years ago.

I contacted FABRE Australia who advised a minimum 3 week delivery time.

I emailed Ross in California and within 12 hours had a response with a 48 hour shipping time from payment.

I've now paid them so expect the rings to leave there Tuesday 26th May and should have them within the week.

Their service has been outstanding.

On a different note whilst the rings have taken a hammering (you can actually see the damage with the naked eye!) but the pistons have not suffered at all.


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Hello Rod,

Ross was the first piston company made UZ pistons. Others just jump in few years later. My experience with JE and CP has been terrible. The tech at those places were lack of knowledge in our engines and lack of customer service. The girls work at Ross are very helpful too. I have been working with Ross for 8 years now with ZERO issue.