Phenolic Intake Spacers

PARTS FOR SALE: Send an email to [email protected] for availability.


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Im keen if we resolve the issues... maybe a thinner sheet would help and still be somewhat effective. Maybe 10 or 8mm?

Any ideas on the impact on turbo applications in terms of leaks?


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I would find a different machinist if he cant set up a sine plate or angle plate and or does not have a tilting head mill but this is just my oppinion.


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The machinst is a wood machinist who does this as a sideline.

We're working on a tilted base for his machine. One problem he's in Victoria and I'm in Sydney which is only 9 hours drive away so everything has to be done remotely.

He can mill the 12mm down to whatever we want.

I was thinking of going down to 8mm for the first set and see how well it goes together.

It may take a week or two to see how it all goes.

Ig you use the correct sealant boost shouldn't be anymore of a problem than we get elsewhere with boosted engines.


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So everyone knows I passed this onto Andrew as my machinist went very quiet and I don't think he's interested.

So please feel free to work with Andrew as he has my support in running the group purchase


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OK Guys,

Here's the deal.

Looks like $150.00 (I expect plus postage) for 6mm spacers.

6mm is considered quite adequate but it will require using slightly longer studs or bolts to mount the manifold.

This looks like a once only deal so please confirm if you're a starter and we'll get this rolling.

1. Zuffen


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Thanks Zuffen, and Ed,
i am a long time member here, but infrequent poster, if you are interested just add your name. Prices as quoted above plus postage. Zuffen has done all the work, i am just coordinating the process locally to my machinist.

Andrew ( me)
Damian W
Josh W
Nathan R
Dan M
Phil G
Well thats the aussie contingent so far.


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Try a water cutter.

The by-product of milling this material can cause cancer so treat it with care.

I have some that I was looking to have cut but have been too idle to do anything about it.


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oh... serious, Because I can get it milled relatively cheaply... damn, might ring around some laser cutters.

I have a couple of sheets (6mm, 8mm and 12mm) So I might try a batch run if I can get it cheaper, going to be another month before I get into gear at least, but once I can organise a laser cutter in Brisbane I am ready to go.


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I think a laser will cause it to smolder/burn.

Water would be my choice plus it will stop the toxic dust which will make them happier.