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Just stopping in to validate Peewee's water temp sender wiring. The MA70 works just fine with the stock temp sender from the 1UZ. The 1UZ temp sender's resistance is only a little off at the high end which is nothing that would really appear in the gauge movement all that much. Wiring is straight forward, yellow-green connection and earth the brown wire to the block. Once I figured this out I went from having the temp gauge go from zero to red hot at the first sign of the engine heating up to working normally. You can do a search on my thread since I think I documented the 1UZ and 7M senders there as well as the wiring issue. You can also check out my site, for some wiring information between the pre-89 MA70 wiring and 1UZ wiring. All of my dash gauges, including the CEL light (which should be the first thing wired since it is so helpful in troubleshooting) work.
Thanks man. I cant wait to start this project.


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if no one has mentioned it when putting a 1uz into a supra why not remove the sensors from a supra engine and put them in a hole in the 1uz engine coolant passages then plug them into the supra gauges via the appropriate plugs. In my mk3 body i put the 7m temp sensors both the ecu (green plug two wire) and the gauge sendor (single plug) in the front water neck of the 1uz and wired in my 7m harness to the 1uz. i am using a aem and sequential inj etc. so my gauge works fine. i also put the blue a/c fan switch from the 7m water neck into an available hole in the 1uz water neck and plugged the blue plug on it. that is the temp switch to turn on the two ac fans when coolant is hot.