New SL500 VS. SC400

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Santa Monica, California
Well I was looking for a race last night and got one... A brand new non AMG SL500.....We were at a red light and my nos was armed.. Got the straight ahead finger pointing from the guy in the car and I knew the race was on....

Never raced one before and since it was a non AMG I thought I would have little trouble blowing it away...Light turns green and we are off, I burn some rubber in first and second and am over a good car length in front out of the blocks which I expected... and then we get up too 60 mph just like that but to my suprise this mercedes was still about a car length behind me..

Taking that into consideration the AMG's must really be fast... Mid range power on these Mercedes are very impressive from what I could tell....I was running with my 15 pound nos bottle which gives me about 50hp less then my 10lb bottles when both are heated and charged...Still I was impressed...

Those Mercedes must be close to 400hp and surely do 0-60mph in less the 6 second and maybe mid fives from my guess. Will have to google it....See ya..