mostly LJ70-based Trophy car

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Hannover, Germany
Hi form Germany!
That´s my little car :D

1uz-fe (from a 92 LS400) mated to a R151f (from a 89 LJ70 Landcruiser), LJ70 axles, ARB f&r, radflo coilovers... pto winch and so on.

We've build our own adapter plate:

modified 3vz flywheel:

exedy clutch:

howe throwout bearing:



the engine ran great with the original ECU, but the distributers didn't like water ;)

so I installed a MS2 (kdfi 1.4 from K-data, MS2 V3 with a lot of extras on board)...

I had a 36-1 triggerwheel made, replaces the original 12 teeth wheel.

also in den picture the hall sensor.
since the Lexus idle air controll valve is really complicated, I'm using a BMW IAC-valve from Bosch....

I'm running the Megasquirt for about a year now... but offroad tuning really sucks. Can't drive this car on the road in Germany... so my VE-tables are still not really good. runs pretty rich...
so... I'm willing to trade drawings etc. for an good VE-table or a whole msq :D
I'm using ford EDIS gen 2 coils, which are fired from on board ignitors... it would be great, if anyone has values for dwell...


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Salve, opterei per una nuova spitronica ecu in cui molte persone si sono trovate bene, c'è anche un forum su Facebook per ottenere consigli