max supercharge boost for a stock 3uz fe?


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as the title asks. if i were to throw a supercharger(say an eaton m90) on a stock 2001 gs430 engine(the 3uz in question), what would be the maximum boost it could handle. current plan is to put some ppe headers and new exhaust, then put the m90 on it. just curious to see what if anything i can get away with on stock until i decided to mod the engine.


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IIRC, most people who have put boost into stock junkyard engines have been able to get away with 5-10 psi; after that, inlet air temps become an issue unless you're running an intercooler. JustenGT8 was the king of boosted junkyard motors and could share a lot more if he was still active, but if you search on his username, you'd find some interesting threads/posts.